Mandrobe, a new UK online retailer of men's accessories, is expected to launch this summer

Press release   •   Apr 14, 2013 00:22 BST

Mandrobe, a new Birmingham based UK online retailer of men's accessories, is set to start trading this summer.

The company will focus entirely on men's accessories, particularly cufflinks, ties and belts, and is looking forward to providing young professionals with a one stop shop for unique, high quality products to spice up their office look.

Mandrobe will make it easy for customers to find the products most relevant to them by having 4 main product categories: The Playboy, The Manager, The Analyst and The Creative.

The Playboy label is aimed at men that are not afraid to wear pink or to sport an animal print bowtie.

The Analyst is a range with more traditional products for those that prefer a less flamboyant look. 

The Creative range is targeted at people that work in the media industry, for example; it is full of accessories with interesting designs and a more artistic touch.

The Manager collection is Mandrobe's premium range of men's accessories for those that are in influential positions or are aspiring to be in such a position. Mandrobe's Black Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks represent the best example of a product that falls within this category.

Looking to provide customers with great customer service, high-quality products and affordable prices, Mandrobe will launch in the summer of 2013.

About Mandrobe

Mandrobe is a UK online retailer offering a select range of unique men's accessories including ties, cufflinks and belts at great prices.

The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Birmingham. Focused on providing men with great quality and fairly priced accessories to complement their business attire, Mandrobe is a small, innovative company with international expansion goals and a drive to succeed.