Press Release   •   Jul 02, 2012 08:22 BST

Don Draper or David Brent? Grace Foley or Vicky Pollard? When it comes to putting a face to financial advisers, Del Boy Trotter is the person British people say best personifies their view of UK financial advisers.

At a time when there has been wide-ranging debate on the future of financial advice, and how people pay for it, financial planning website rplan.co.uk asked a GB representative sample of 2,000 adults which three people from a list of well-known fictional characters most closely characterised how they viewed financial advisers. Of the one in two people that specified a preference:

·      Chateauneuf du Pape! Trotters Independent trading company never moved into the financial services sector, but Del Boy was voted top choice financial adviser (37%), a crème de la menthe result for the Peckham veteran. Del Boy was most popular in Scotland and the East of England and among those 45 and over (47%). 

·      Funny man: The self-proclaimed ‘man who put a smile on the face of all who he met’ – David Brent – was second choice (28%), just followed by Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow (27%), the top choice for people in the north (37%). Mr Bean followed closely behind with 17% of those that expressed a preference.

·      Eastenders’ bad boy Derek Branning was a top choice for one in seven adults (14%), followed by Swiss Tony (14%) and the TV’s b***dy nice bloke, Tim Nice but Dim (14%) - who was a surprise hit in Yorkshire (19%).

·      Spooked by big thinkers: All the serious characters in the list failed to impress. The decisive Harry from Spooks was selected by 11% of those that specified a preference, and the inquisitive Young Sherlock Holmes was a choice for just 9% of adults. Charm also failed to impress, Mad Men’s Don Draper a choice for just 6%, along with Ab Fab’s safe and sensible Saffy (6%) and Waking the Dead’s super brain Grace Foley (7%).

·      Crash and burn: Action man Jack Bauer and the ever-reliable Tess Bateman from Casualty were bottom of the list (4% and 3% respectively).

Andy Creak, Director at rplan.co.uk commented: “We ran our survey as a bit of fun, but what becomes apparent is the commission system on which financial advice has been based for many years has done a lot of damage to public perceptions of financial advisers, something which undermines trust and the motives for advice that is given. Our survey suggests only around one in four (27%) people selected financial advisers as one of five people they would trust advice from most. A new system based on fees is a major step forward but it is also likely this will create a significant number of people in Britain that simply can’t afford to pay for advice on a fees basis and will have to live without it. But for those who associate financial advisers with Vicky Pollard or Tony Soprano, that’s maybe not such a bad thing.”



All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 2020 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 15th - 18th June 2012.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).

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