Asset Land Inc


Press Release   •   Sep 23, 2011 14:35 BST

22nd September saw a market reaction to poor economic data emerging from the US with losses of up to 5% on stock exchanges throughout the world.  The over-riding fear is that a global recession worse than that of 2008, which is said to be ‘unavoidable’ by the world’s leading economists.

So where is your money going to be safe when the financial markets are in such disarray? 

The answer is beneath your feet – the safest place for your money is in the land you stand on.

However, although buying any class of land will provide a safeguard for your money, there is much more value to be gained from your investment if there is sound potential for value growth attached to the land.

Asset Land Inc specialise in UK land which is strategically located so as to provide maximum potential for ‘change of use’ approval from local planners for ultimate development for residential housing.

Land as a tangible asset is traditionally considered as the ultimate safe haven for money.  The market dynamics with land investment is different to that of equities for example, in that land values are much less responsive to global economics and in contrast to equities which can peak and trough numerous times in one trading session, land values increase consistently year on year.

However, land investment is usually for the cash rich and opportunities for individual investors to take advantage of consistently increasing land values against a backdrop of volatile markets, are few and far between.

Asset Land have been at the forefront of UK land investment for the last 5 years.  With considerable experience of sourcing strategically-located investment sites that have a high potential for future re-zoning for residential development.

We create investment opportunities in UK land which are accessible to individual investors which are also SIPP-approved.  We feel that taking advantage of volatile markets should not just be the domain of investment professionals. 

When stock markets crash and the economic outlook is turbulent, analysts always advise on portfolio diversification.  If one sector is on a downward spiral, the theory is to look for a sector that is in opposite motion. 

Land values consistently increase and although they may not achieve the margins resulting from price volatility as in the equities market, over the longer term, land remains one of the best performing tangible assets available and therefore represents the best safe haven for your money at the current time.

Asset Land have a number of UK land investments sites which meet our strict criteria for being strategically located with high future development potential.  If you wish to protect your money while the world decides what it will do to address the financial crisis once and for all, we recommend an Asset Land investment in UK land.

Asset Land Inc. is part of the successful ASSET group with offices in London, UK; San Francisco, USA; Israel; Hong Kong; Qatar and a corporate office in Panama.

The company specialises in land and property acquisition, with marketing of UK government regulated land and development of property and building projects worldwide.

With a panel of tax and pensions specialists, 30 years of combined property experience and one of the largest networks of property contacts in the world, they are in a strong position to provide an efficient and knowledgeable service, whether to a first-time investor or a wealth management company looking to increase their portfolio.

Asset Land Inc. have developed a simple process by which individual investors are able to purchase plots of land for sale in prime locations.

They have stripped away the complexity of buying plots for sale for the benefit of their investors by dividing the practice into three simple steps.

  • First, Asset Land Inc. identifies strategically placed sites with investment potential in areas where a genuine need for new homes exists.
  • Then, following a due diligence process, they divide their sites into building-sized plots.

Finally, they offer these plots to individuals who are looking to get a foothold in the UK land investment market.