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MarketStorm Global responds to study regarding leading by example.

Press Release   •   Apr 10, 2018 12:23 BST

Miami’s premier marketing firm, MarketStorm Global has recently launched an investigation into leading by example within business after CEO Gavin Walsh explored his preferred leadership style. The firm details how leading by example is often evident in successful companies but rarely quantifiably measured in regards to behavior and productivity.

MarketStorm Global: About the firm.

A study conducted by the Journal of Applied Psychology of over 60 control groups, totaling more than 650 workers in large businesses targeted leadership behavior, and how this directly or indirectly affected employee behavior.

The hypothesis of the case study focused on leaders going above job expectations, and traditional role tasks to ultimately help the organization. The study then focused on the broader employee circle, to see if they followed the example.

Results of the study found that employees would engage in extra activities, by going above their traditional job roles if they believed it to be a ‘worthy behavior.' These beliefs on what was valuable to the company were shaped on those in leadership roles, the respect that they received from employees. The results confirmed the motto that ‘leading by example’ is an evidence-supported business model.

The management Professor behind the study Bret Simmons explores the concept, stating, “the evidence supports what most of us strongly believe – leading by example works. As a leader, you will be most effective if the things you ask your folks to do are things you are actually doing yourself.”

In reference to the study and his own leadership style, MarketStorm Global CEO Gavin Walsh states “I like to lead by the front, encouraging our employees to ‘show me, don’t tell me’. I find this style creates excitement and inspires professionals to work harder.”

MarketStorm Global has placed its growth and longevity in part down to its strong leadership that has resulted in the company creating a team of dynamic entrepreneurs who align their own goals and aspirations with that of the firm. The firm has seen extensive growth since its inception, which has catapulted the company across the world, with no signs of slowing their domination of the sales and marketing sector.



CEO: Gavin Walsh

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