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MarketStorm Global set for extensive travel plans ahead of colossal company expansion

Press Release   •   Jan 10, 2018 16:05 GMT

Miami’s premier marketing firm, MarketStorm Global have dominated the industry across America in 2017, they are showing no signs of slowing their momentum into the New Year. As such, the firm has an extensive number of business trips planned up until two months into 2018.

MarketStorm Global:

MarketStorm Global has plans to visit many cities over the next few weeks, consisting of Atlanta, New York, Knoxville, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Naples. The trips come ahead of a variety of expansions and new offices set to open this year to continue the MarketStorm domination.

The firm has detailed their reasoning behind the importance of business travel, with a particular focus on the beginning of each New Year. Although many critics have questioned the need to travel, particularly in an ever-changing and technology-based society, MarketStorm Global disagrees and has detailed their reasoning below.

Business Deals: The act of closing a business deal with new clients and partners is an essential part of every business, regardless of industry. The firm details the importance of face-to-face meetings and interactions with individuals who are to be soon involved with the company, ensuring each party remains invested in the deal. Travel is not only essential, yet also beneficial should any company wish to expand their business partnerships with potential new clients.

Networking: MarketStorm Global detail how without the act of networking, the firm would not be in the position it remains today, leading the industry across most of the United States. Travelling is one of the most effective ways to meet like-minded business individuals; this is extended through word of mouth and interaction with individuals that would not be in the firm’s native city. Visiting new clients across states is an essential way to uncover new business opportunities that would not have been met otherwise.

Interaction: Business travel is a crucial aspect of fostering cooperation, ultimately the most useful benefit of national and international travel. Face-to-face meetings are an essential act that breed communication, team spirit, confidence and helps to limit misunderstandings and disinterest. An in-person visit to a client ensures they feel valued and invested regarding the brand. A discussion in person leads to further production of a relationship, and in-depth conversation that would not be accomplished through online interactions.

MarketStorm Global is excited about the future of the firm and their extensive expansion plans, many of which are set to begin trading during the first half of this year. The company is hopeful that many more business travelling opportunities will arise, to ensure the passion for the industry continues over the course of the year.


CEO: Gavin Walsh

MarketStorm Global Inc, is an independently owned International outsource events, retail and in-store promotion company. Over the last 4 years it has grown and expanded it’s headquarters from Leeds, England to multiple cities across the world; Krakow, Poland, Indianapolis, Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, Seattle, Washington, Jacksonville and West Palm Beach, Florida and now has it’s HQ permanently in Miami, Florida.