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Master of Arts in TEFL with Notting Hill College

Press Release   •   Feb 21, 2010 15:49 GMT

Quality online education is an aim sought by almost every individual theses days, especially working adults and job seekers.The affiliation between Notting Hill College and Pebble Hills University has opened the door for many individuals seeking advanced education in the field of teaching.

About Notting Hill College Master Degree

In collaboration with Pebble Hills University, Notting Hill College offers globally accredited and recognised Master in TEFL. Through NHC distance learning and online learning systems, we are able to cater for the needs of student teachers, novice teachers and seasoned teachers who wish to further their career by getting a higher education degree.

adopting online communication has privileged us at Notting Hill College to serve students all over the world with promptly and efficiently. Students who have enrolled in NHC programmes can truly realise their potential and enhance their career prospects. It is indeed our continued commitment to providing the excellent education services that result in the unremitting development of our programmes, meeting the needs of current and prospective students.

Pedagogical support is available in all our regional offices; Egypt, Ghana and UAE.

About Notting Hill College

Notting Hill College is one of the leading and pioneering institutions highly regarded for the quality of education and educational services. The College offers further and higher education as well as vocational training.

Notting Hill College operates across three major teaching areas which are: Teacher Training; English and World Languages; Business and Soft Skills. The College’s array of short courses, certificate level and diploma level programmes are spread across three distinct schools; School of Business, School of Teacher Training and School of Languages

All Schools of NHC are committed to excellent education and quality training. Through our practical, career-focused training, we help our students reach their full potential. All our staff works hard to give students the best experience, the best teaching and the best support to help them achieve their goals and have a successful future.