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Maximise professional success by adopting these habits states Ninjja Global

Press Release   •   Jan 15, 2018 09:52 GMT

Ninjja Global, the Miami based direct sales and marketing firm has an active business development program in place for its dedicated and ambitious young professionals, as such the company is excited to release their latest statement on the habits of hugely successful CEOs. Ninjja Global is hopeful individuals will take their advice on board and begin to drive their own futures, using the examples of entrepreneurs before them.

Ninjja Global:

Re-assessing Strategy: Taking the time to assess performance over the past week, month or year is essential in progress states Ninjja Global. The firm is encouraging contractors to pinpoint areas in which they excel, and those which need modification, and how to achieve this, advising that taking the time to write down their objectives and stepping stone goals on the way is a conventional and proven successful technique.

Commit to lifelong learning: The firm has advised young professionals to set the development of a student mentality as their New Year’s resolution, encouraging the action of continuous learning to develop both personal and professional lives. Ninjja Global detail how knowledge is a constant and should be looked to as such, there are always subjects to explore and techniques to learn that can be directly applied to the sales and marketing industry.

Substantial Planning: Ninjja Global identify how the beginning of a New Year is a prime time for setting new goals and targets, professionally. The firm advises individuals to make a physical copy, to track how objectives may change over time. This is a crucial opportunity to practice prioritization and timelines, ensuring the New Year begins with the right mentality.

Train for something physical: Ninjja Global advise that after the festive period, the participation in a physical endurance activity such as a marathon is a hugely beneficial way to start the day off right, alongside eating healthy, regular exercise has a direct effect upon professional performance. The ability to regulate one aspect of life with certainty sets an individual up for the rest of their week states Ninjja Global.

Ninjja Global is excited for the year ahead, with a group of dedicated professionals at the forefront of the company and a dynamic managing director, the firm is sure to see their success continue well into 2018. The company has plans to continuously develop their business program in which individuals are provided with the tools and knowledge for their own self-development, education, and skill set.


Managing Director: Simone Suetsugu

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