Press Release   •   Oct 01, 2012 16:08 BST

The people have now realized that it is possible to buy currencies up to 98% cheaper in One of StarBids customer recently bought 200 EURO for USD 2.08 and so far over 400 auctions completed for under $ 10 USD.

Kevin Soltani, founder and CEO of the company StarBid launched its concept on August 2012. He got the idea of auctioning of currencies by long study of the stock market, especially during the last three years when we ran into a financial crisis.

StarBid has also updated to a new fresh design.
- The new design meets all elements relating to the basic structure, logic, and user friendly to all members and new visitors and provides more access to the content/functions on the website. Our goal is for our members and visitors to get a good basic structure, logic, and easy accessibility when searching for particular information, which should be in a flow.

He continues:
- StarBid is a Swedish company that is registered at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.
We auction various currencies and customers can participate in the biddings. There is no customer/bidder on StarBid who post auctions on the site. Customers pay only for bid packages in order to participate in the auctions and the winner pays the winning bid to obtain currency.
We use PayPal to pay a won auction to the winners' PayPal account for everyone's safety.

We have special promotions right now:

  •    All new customers gets 3 FREE BIDS to see how StarBid´s services work.
  •     "Ladies Only" auction (Only women can participate in the bidding)
  •     "Beginners auction"  (Only those who have never received any profit can participate in the                 bidding or for the new beginners)
  •     Winners Bid Back, which means that the winner gets ALL BIDS BACK after the auction is    

Regardless how many bids you place on this auction. The winner pays only the final auction price to   receive the won currency.

StarBid is based on Penny Auction Rings, which means that each bid in an auction equals 1 cent, which resulting in the final bid is very low. All auctions are time based and offer period (eg 30 seconds timer) restart at each new bid so that other bidders will have a chance, and if no one place any new bid will the last bidder win the auction. It is therefore in the same way as traditional auctions where you buy an auction item for the last placed bid.

For more information visit, a website launched in Swedish in March 2012 and today we are a unique auction concept where we auction off currencies., the English website, launched in July 2012.

Our goal is to offer our customers a fun, unique, cost effective and secure service to buy currencies like the GBP, Euro and SEK for only a few dollars. We want to see many happy winners every day!