Medicinal Research Sparks Positive Business Idea for Galina

Press release   •   Nov 14, 2016 12:18 GMT

Having worked in medicine for 26 years Galina Hartshorn made a career change that she has never looked back on.

Galina was so inspired by the ‘master’ Bob Proctor, one of the world’s greatest Law of Attraction and Human Potential teachers - who was interviewed as part of the 2006 film The Secret – that she flew to Canada to meet him.

The trip proved to be a turning point in her life and Galina, from West Hallam, is now a certified mind and success coach, with Bob as her mentor. Since then she has gone on to transform businesses all over the county with the Law of Attraction, a system thought to be practiced by the likes of Opera Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. The system focuses on positive thinking, and the belief that you already possess what you truly desire in business.

Galina moved to West Hallam from Russia in 1999 after meeting her husband, a scientist of 37 years. In Russia she had worked as a nurse and trained as a doctor for 15 years, specialising in Tuberculosis.

She said: “Having a background in medicine, I have always been interested in the power of thinking. For example, why one person recovers well from an illness and another person with the same illness and treatment doesn’t. It became obvious throughout my career that
this was 100 per cent down to the power of positive thought.”

Galina began studying this concept, and became fascinated in the theory behind it. She now works with individuals and businesses across the globe to empower them to take control of their lives and create the results they want. She has helped one Nottinghamshire restaurant to win a number of awards, a lady to start a successful coffee export business and many more.

Galina added: “People who come to my coaching know they can live better lives and I know I can help them. There is a difference between what they know and what they do."

Her positive way of thinking has also been adopted by her family. Her 16-year-old son got six A’s in his GCSEs and her brother now owns his own flower shop.

Galina has helped many people to achieve their life goals through her six month Thinking into Results program, with topics including ‘defining and achieving goals’, ‘how to use your mind to your advantage’ and the ‘importance of attitude and mind-set’.

She said: “People cry from the excitement of breaking through. I mentored a woman who had a dream of writing a book, another wanted to travel the world. People realise what they want and I help them to achieve that.”

Galina never stops studying to be a better mentor for her clients. Recently she went to Frankfurt, Germany to the Goal Achiever Summit conducted by Bob Proctor to learn more from her mentor and get new skills and knowledge in personal development and leadership area.

Galina conducts life seminars in Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham and is open to new ideas and places all over the country to teach people how to think into results.

To find out more or to book a course visit www.ywbrmastermind.com