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Mesh Banner Printing Services

Press Release   •   Sep 20, 2010 13:26 BST

The PVC mesh fabric that a mesh banner is made of was developed specifically to offer greater protection against wind damage for outdoor use. They are resistant to wind damage because the small perforations within the mesh fabric allow air to flow through. This reduces the load placed on the structure or building the mesh banner is attached to and on the banner itself so it is less likely to tear. The perforated mesh fabric also eliminates the need to have unsightly wind holes cut as with unperforated vinyl banners.

Mesh PVC can withstand a wide range of temperatures from -20 degrees to + 35 degrees. It is also resistant to fungi and weather and deterioration so it can resist prolonged exposure to UV, rain and frost.

The perforated PVC mesh used for mesh banners is normally available in widths of up to 5m. However, sections can be tiled and bound or welded together to create much larger displays such as building wraps and scaffolding wraps.


Mesh Banner Applications

Mesh banners are widely used by the advertising industry for large format outdoor displays because they are so durable and versatile. Use of fine mesh allows for full colour reproduction of high definition images, which is an important consideration for advertising in the fashion and cosmetics industries. The PVC mesh can be printed onto directly using solvent or UV inks that offer high resistance to UV radiation, fading, moisture and tearing. Mesh banners are totally weatherproof and will last for a year or more outdoors so they enable marketing messages to be displayed effectively over a long period in any outdoor space.


Another major application for mesh banners is in the construction industry.  Fire rated PVC mesh banners are employed by architects to disguise scaffolding and promote construction projects on site by depicting images of what the finished building will look like to create interest in the project. The fire retardant properties and high wind resistance of the mesh banners mean that the product complies with Health & Safety requirements and building regulations.


Superchrome mesh banner printing services

Superchrome’s mesh banner printing service can supply extra large size full colour image reproduction on vinyl mesh in fade resistant eco solvent inks for cost effective weather resistant outdoor displays.

Superchrome can supply mesh banners printed on a choice of:

  • Standard PVC mesh has excellent wind resistance and lasts up to a year.
  • Supreme high fabric specification with finer mesh which allows very little light through, which is ideal for fine image reproduction for high quality graphics.
  • Fire retardant PVC mesh which is Fire Rated for use on building sites and other places where stringent fire regulations apply.