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Mikogo Releases Qualitative Paper on the Future of Collaboration Software

Press Release   •   Feb 26, 2015 08:30 GMT

London, UNITED KINGDOM February 26, 2015 – Mikogo, a global provider of online meeting solutions, has released a detailed qualitative paper on the trends and developments for the online collaboration software industry in 2015. The leaders of 15 established collaboration software companies were interviewed on their predictions for the industry in 2015, and found that collaboration software can expect interesting challenges, trends and developments in the year ahead.

Collaboration software is becoming ever more popular as it allows businesses to streamline their processes, manage projects better, and boost productivity. Companies of all sizes use collaboration software on a daily basis and the industry, which is expected to be worth $5.9 billion by the end of 2018, has transformed how businesses operate today. Companies responsible for this transformation and whose leaders were interviewed for this paper include Wrike, Trello, Quip, DocuSign, MindMeister, Smartsheet, NetDocuments, Mikogo, Samepage, eXo Platform, Projectplace, HighQ, ProofHub, Time Doctor, and Brightpod.

In their interviews with 15 top collaboration software thought leaders, Mikogo asked about the market trends we will see in 2015, the benefits for businesses adopting collaboration software, challenges companies face in doing so, and how businesses can utilize it to its greatest potential. Several common trends were identified pinpointing the keys to success for development of collaboration software and adoption by businesses.

While people are more willing to spend money on tools and while it is becoming a natural extension of the toolset, they are less inclined to invest time in training, which means that developers must focus on creating intuitive software. Additionally, we will see the development of further collaboration tools focused on specific business use cases and niches, rather than only generic products.

One of the biggest and commonly discussed challenges is that of training and awareness. Companies can make the most of their collaboration software by rolling it out across the board, rather than using it exclusively for the core team. There will always be individuals who opt to stay with the status quo, as they fail to understand the trade-offs and requirements. However when users understand the tool’s purpose and how to best use it, they will be more likely to embrace it, thus improving the company's productivity and return on investment.

"Very often businesses purchase online collaboration software, however, they miss to define and implement clear processes as to when and for what purpose to use it," explains Erik Boos, Co-Founder of Mikogo. “As providers of collaboration software, we must not only develop intuitive products, but also ensure that businesses clearly communicate the benefits to their co-workers to get their buy-in.”

The full collaboration software paper is available as a free download from the Mikogo website.

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Andrew Donnelly


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