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Millipic Encourage Entrepreneurs to Change their Thinking to Change their Results

Press release   •   Mar 16, 2018 12:57 GMT

As a firm that believes that an individual's thinking dictates their results, Newcastle based direct sales and marketing specialists, Millipic is encouraging all entrepreneurs to change their thinking, in order to improve their results.

Millipic: About the firm

James Clarke, Millipic's managing director, believes that a lot of entrepreneurs are failing to become the best versions of themselves down to a flaw in their mindsets and the way that they think. In addition to that people also tend to pick up lazy traits, which end up becoming habitual, being lazy has never got anyone anywhere.

It is with this in mind that caused Millipic and James Clarke to host a workshop for the firm's contractors to highlight how changing their mindsets and have a massive impact on their success and results. Here are the five areas that individuals should be thinking about:

1.) Don’t get caught up on the specifics.

When people offer advice it's important to internalise it, it might not be entirely helpful for all situations, but it is key to at the very least take some form of inspiration from what's been said. Being an entrepreneur requires creativity and innovation, and there might be a lesson to be learned no matter big or small.

This idea is a fundamental cog in the ability to learn and improve. Whenever advice is being offered never take it at face value, think of how this advice could be adapted and start to think smart.

2.) Having empathy matters more than tactics

Just having a product or service that people need is not enough. First, you need to be able to connect with the people that need it. Often when setting up in new places, there are many cultural differences that can hinder the success of a business. If however, there is an element of empathy that needs to be considered while implementing tactics.

3.) Embrace failure and setbacks

Learning not to fear failure is often easier said than done. Often individuals have conditioned themselves to fear failure. Failure as an entrepreneur should be viewed as a friend, and it is without a doubt the best teacher one can ever have. What people learn from failure and the setbacks can drive them on to success. Don’t fear it, embrace it. Nobody can see an individual's past except themselves.

4.) A fresh pair of eyes can open everyone else’s

A pair of new eyes can often open the wisest eyes. Sometimes those with the most credibility within a particular field are too deep inside a subject that can often miss a solution that is glaringly obvious to someone looking in from the outside.

Millipic pride themselves on being Newcastle’s newest full-service marketing firm. Their creative nature allows brands to spread their brand vision far and wide. The firm takes a hands-on approach that helps full personalisation to take place in the consumer’s natural environment.

Brands are seeing a heavily saturated market, and there is a growing need to separate from the crowd. Millipic's services include full representation, and their dynamic approach allows a 4D approach to boost engagement levels, securing a more significant market share, through a loyal customer base.



Managing Director - James Clarke

Our mission is to develop brand awareness in a crowded market, targeting the right people to maximise response.