Mitie's painting business expands in yorkshire

Press release   •   May 13, 2014 10:40 BST

Mitie’s painting business in the North Eastern region took on the challenge in 2012 to grow the business over the next 5 years to deliver an extra £5 million painting and decorating services.

The management team looked at potential and current market share in the North East and decided that south of our existing office in Middlesbrough would offer the best opportunity to grow the operation.

In order to guarantee secure growth we targeted our existing contract with Leeds Federated Housing Trust and successfully secured another 4 years, worth £200k per annum. During this process we targeted and secured a 4 year term contract with Leeds City Council, providing an annual income of £680k per annum.

On top of this we have tendered and won contracts with:

  • City of York Council 4 year contract worth £200k per annum
  • Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust worth £200k per annum
  • Trillium, UNITE and schools work over £280k per annum

Although we still have ‘some way’ to go to reach our target we are confident that these wins have formed the backbone of the business in Yorkshire; allowing us to open a new office, employ local people, provide a local management team and create a presence to build a reputation for excellence in service.

Kenny Robson, Director of Painting stated:

'We are confident the North Eastern regional teams’ success has secured sustainable growth to form the backbone of the new business in the Yorkshire area'.

'I’m extremely pleased with the optimism and hard work achieved to meet this challenge'.

For more information please contact:

Stephanie Rice
Bid Co-ordinator, Painting

T: +44 (0)7944 037370
E: stephanie.rice@mitie.comv