Mobile onsite coolant cleaning service offered at cost per litre

Press Release   •   Feb 04, 2011 10:20 GMT

For the metalworking industry, coolants are a major expense. Some are obvious: ·

> Cost of a new fill
> Downtime cost to remove the dirty coolant – a messy and time consuming task
> Disposal cost – a continually rising expense in today’s environmental regulations.

Consider your costs, for example a typical machine shop with 6 CNC machines with 500 litre coolant sumps:-

per machine       6 machines
> Remove and refill approx 2 hrs @ £15/hr              £30 (X6) £180
> Disposal cost approx £0.15/litre x 500 litres         £75 (X6) £450
> New fill 5% concentration (coolant £3.00/litre)      £75 (X6)  £450
> Total cost                                                      £165 (X6) £1,080

But dirty coolants also incur other less obvious but no less expensive costs. For example, tramp oil and solid particles in coolants can cause increased tool wear, quality problems during later processing and health problems for your personnel.

Lubriserv offer a mobile service to recycle your coolant whilst it’s still in the machine saving you £££’s. Using the latest technology high speed centrifuge where suitable Lubriserv will remove the tramp oil down to less than 0.5% and remove particles down to less than 1 micron. The coolant cleaning service is offered at price per litre with scheduled visits.

Just think……. ·        
> No refill cost
> No disposal cost
> No downtime
> No disruption

A scheduled coolant cleaning service will significantly reduce your costs and improve your production quality and environment.

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