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Mobile Technology At Its Best With The LG Optimus 2X And Black

Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2011 15:55 GMT

We have seen a number of mobile phone innovations throughout the years. We have seen Apple at its finest with the iPhone 4. We have seen an award-winning handset in the HTC Desire. Now, we get to see mobile technology at its very best with the LG Optimus 2X and Black.

Speed and power are the two key features of the 2X. Once released sometime this 2011, it will be the first smartphone to come with a powerful dual-core 1 GHz processor. With single-core processors, every time you run another app or OS application, you will feel the speed decrease. With the way people multi-task on their phones, single-core processors cannot keep up. With a dual-core, you can run a multitude of requirement demanding applications and still not notice the decrease in power. Dual-cores divide the responsibility of executing commands. This simply means that two heads are better than one. You are sure to enjoy multi-tasking without feeling a decrease in performance.

The black is another handset that shows LG technology at its best. If the 2X comes with power we have never seen before, the LG Optimus Black is the slimmest Android smartphone to hit the mobile arena this 2011. It is 123.9 mm high, 63.2 mm wide, and only 10.9 mm thick. It weighs in at a mere 139 grams. However, the Black is not just about slim dimensions. It will be the first to come packed with a 4.0 inch Nova display. With this, you will enjoy the brightest screen among mobile phones. It offers the most optimal visibility and readability in extreme and poor lighting conditions. This is the first of its kind only offered by LG.

Both smartphones by LG run on a highly advanced Android operating system, the Android 2.2 OS (Froyo). With this OS, you will enjoy two to five times the speed when it comes to the internet and multitasking compared to the 2.1 OS (Éclair). If you think all this power will drain the batteries faster, you are wrong. You will enjoy blinding speed on the LG Optimus 2X and Black and be more energy efficient at the same time.

The LG Optimus 2X and the LG Optimus Black will be available sometime this 2011.

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