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Model Portfolio Building

Press Release   •   Dec 12, 2015 10:10 GMT

The competition for getting into the modelling industry  is fierce and to stand out from each other one weapon they are going to need is a good portfolio. The fuller and more varied the portfolio the greater the chances of you getting the work you want. In a lot of cases it is worth bearing in mind what type of modelling you wish to get into. Then you can tailor you portfolio towards that goal.

You could go to expensive photo studio who claims as model agencies, normally for a large fee, the problem is that their only interests is to make a large profit from the photoshoot.

A better way is to use local studio photographers to get portfolio photos done without paying ridiculous fee. This way you will accumulate more different styles and viewpoints that will make you portfolio unique to you. Some photographers also require models for their own shoots or workshops and will offer images or prints as part of your fee. This is a very good way of both putting your face out there as well as building up your portfolio. It will also give you valuable experience of being with different photographers and working in different studios and locations.

The photographers at Caterham photography based in Caterham surrey can help you to tailor individual shoots just for you to add to your portfolio or give you a base to get started. They can try a variety of different styles and help you understand the importance of the correct pose and lighting.

As well as one to one shoots Caterham Photographey do also hold workshops for budding and well established photographers alike and are always on the lookout for new models. If you are ready willing and able Caterham photography could well be there to help you get started on the long ladder of professional modelling.    

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