Moonshine Drinks innovation reinvents home-brew

Press Release   •   Jun 14, 2016 17:21 BST

Nottingham-based Moonshine Drinks has completely reinvented the concept of brewing beer and wine at home. The company has developed a completely simple way to create great tasting drinks at home with none of the hassle. After simply adding water and yeast to the patented ‘brew bag’, you can just wait for a few weeks before enjoying your very own beer and wine varieties. There are currently three ales and two wine varieties available.

The company was founded in 2011 by CEO Ian Walker and was developed with the mass market in mind. Moonshine Drinks is keen to take a slice of the lucrative ‘drink at home market’*, and over the years it has moved closer to this target by enjoying success on the high street and via online sales from www.moonshinedrinks.co.uk. Now the company is ready for the next step in its growth.

Building on success is all part of Moonshine Drinks’ strategy to grow and develop more key supply relationships. Ian Walker, commented,

“We have worked hard to get Moonshine stocked in Lakeland, Scotts of Stow, and lots of independent retailers and garden centres, and we are regularly sold on TV shopping channels, our next step is increasing the varieties in the range. Our ambition is for Moonshine Drinks to sit alongside the traditional drinks at home, craft beer, value wine, and home brew offerings in supermarkets and more generalist retailers. We believe that our range offers a serious alternative to take-home ales and wines, and a hybrid of home brew, where you choose what you brew and you have a supply on hand when you want it.”

The next step in the journey is looking at raising capital to increase the number of varieties available. Moonshine Drinks is looking at less conventional ways of doing this, using an alternative approach to raising the capital via an online “crowdfunding” platform.

The award winning* drinks company, has a business philosophy based on innovative thinking – something that they apply to everything, including their range of alcoholic drink kits and now their approach to raising capital investment. Ian says,

“We’ve pushed boundaries to bring our current range of products to market over the last couple of years, and now we need to expand our range and increase our stock and production levels. Using something a little different, like crowdfunding appealed to us because it works and it’s simple. It was also a great way to get the Moonshine Drinks brand in front of a new audience.”

Working with one of the world’s leading equity crowd-funding platforms, Seedrs.com*** – it allows investors to back businesses that have the potential to grow and flourish. It’s accessible to everyone from first time, or one off, low risk investors, to individuals with high net worth and an existing investment portfolio. Ian goes on to add,

“That’s what appealed to us about using an online investment platform, it’s straightforward and simple to use, and of course completely FCA compliant.”

The business is looking to raise around £100k of investment that will be used to buy stock, to increase production and to introduce new varieties to the existing range of beers and wines. The campaign has been open to friends and family only until now when investment is open to the wider public.

If you’d like to try a variety from the Moonshine range, simply go online to http://www.moonshinedrinks.co.uk/shop/

Moonshine Drinks is based in Nottingham and provides innovative home brewed alcoholic drinks which are currently sold direct to consumers, via the Moonshine website. In addition, through Lakeland stores and online, through Scotts of Stow, other national garden centres, and the QVC TV shopping channel.

How it works:

The “brew-bag” is pre-packed with extract to which the consumer adds water and a sachet of yeast, to make 25 pints of brewed product.

The bag acts as a single fermentation, maturation, storage and serving vessel for the brewed product. This makes brewing at home simple, easy and convenient which means that the consumer gets a better product for less effort than traditional home brewing methods.

Moonshine has now developed a range of white and red wines to add to it’s original range of ales. Additional rosé wine, cider and other drink varieties are poised to go into production.

The products are designed to give an alcohol by volume percentage, that is consistently 4.2% for the ales, 12% for the wines and 4.5% for the ciders.

The retail recommended price is £25.00 for beer kits and £29.00 for wine kits when bought directly from the Moonshine website.