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Most travel insurers have an on-going medical declaration – is this fair?

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2010 12:48 GMT

Buying travel insurance is like any other commercial transaction and of course, you would be wise to shop around and compare prices and cover   But do beware!

Please satisfy yourself that your travel insurer is prepared to offer full, unqualified cover for your medical condition. Take care to confirm that your policy does not include an on-going medical warranty. This is a device that allows a travel insurer to alter the policy terms and conditions should your health status change after you have taken out and paid for the policy.

For example  you purchase your travel insurance in November 2010 when you booked your holiday for a planned trip in April 2011.   You advise your insurer of previous heart attack and heart bypass that you had three years ago. The insurer accepts the condition and charges an increased premium.   Most travel insurer’s have an on-going medical warranty which works like this ... Should you have cause to visit your medical adviser between the day you took out the policy and your intended departure date because you are concerned about your pre-existing medical condition (or develop a new one) then you are duty bound to advise your insurer who reserve the right to alter your premium or conditions or both. In some cases they may even refuse cover for the newly declared changes in the medical conditions

Is this fair? 

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