Motoring site carbuzz goes viral with cyclists

Press Release   •   Nov 14, 2011 18:12 GMT

Thursday the 10th,, a new car review site, published an article titled “What drivers can do to be more cyclist aware” on their blog. Little did they know the floods of impassioned responses they would immediately begin receiving from cyclists and drivers alike.

With 1700+ tweets, 80+ comments and 1,000+ Facebook likes so far, it is clear this is a stimulating topic. Cyclists seem to be shocked that this sensible advice was actually posted on a car site, describing carbuzz’s views as ‘stunningly positive’. One user tweeted "Think this article is brilliant! It should be reposted, retweeted everywhere. Its the first thing I've read that treats both cyclists and drivers as equal road users. Bravo!" was one of the numerous sites that blogged about it, titling the post “A car site talks sense about cyclists. We’ve infiltrated the beast!” stating that carbuzz “momentarily lost command of their senses” and published the article. wrote a piece titled, “Car website becomes viral hit with cyclists” mentioning how carbuzz rejects ‘‘them and us mentality’.

The main points of the message were that drivers need to:

Learn to share - Nobody owns the road. A bicycle is a vehicle by law

Appreciate that cyclists are helping you - Cyclists have the One Less Car slogan. They actually reduce congestion.

Avoid dooring cyclists - It’s illegal and can be fatal.

Realise cyclists are vulnerable - In any impact, cyclists are the losers. Most other European countries operate ‘strict liability’ regulations.

Helmets don’t equal guaranteed safety A cyclist with a helmet is by no means invincible, they’re designed to withstand impacts of less than 13mph.

Exercise some caution and be patient - It’s your responsibility to avoid hitting the cyclist, not there’s to avoid being hit.

Allow plenty of space - When overtaking cyclists must be given as much room as you would a car.

Drive slowly on low-vis roads - You don’t know what’s around the corner, or over that hill.

Cyclists have a right to claim the lane - It’s the safest way to cycle, they’re trying to avoid an accident.

Beware a left turn - This is how most accidents occur, know your blind spots.

Get on a bike!  - The only way you’ll empathise with them and realise how careless drivers can be.

The article was edited by Carlton Reid, editor of and

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