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Motorists can help combat rising fuel prices with a four wheel alignment

Press Release   •   Feb 02, 2011 12:50 GMT

Motorists suffering from the recent fuel price rise can look to improve their fuel economy by making sure their wheels are properly aligned. On New Year's Day a government fuel duty increase put another 0.76p on to both petrol and diesel, whilst on 4th January the rise in VAT to 20% meant prices went up further, adding further pain to cash-strapped motorists.

However, according to the website, lower fuel bills are possible if drivers ensure their wheels aligned correctly. Together with properly inflated tyres, the car’s rolling resistance is minimised, which helps to deliver even more miles per litre.

“Although we have seen fuel prices reach record levels, motorists can take some easy but important steps to minimise the impact,” explains Paul Beaurain from AlignMyCar. “By ensuring your wheels are properly aligned, you can ensure your fuel economy is maximised. Also, it will help to reduce the wear on tyres, making them last longer, helping to cut running costs even further.”

Drivers visiting can check the location of their nearest four wheel alignment centre and print off a discount voucher entitling them to a 5% reduction on their alignment bill at participating centres.

Modern wheel alignment systems now use sophisticated technology to measure 14 primary angles of all four wheels in a matter of minutes. Not only can this operation help reduce driver’s running costs, but it can also make for safer driving and better handling as any vehicle pull can be identified and steering wheels set straight to avoid further driving distractions.

Any motorist considering getting the alignment measured should check that the workshop performing wheel alignment will provide an alignment measurement printout. Many printouts are colour coded to easily identify the misalignment errors, but will also detail the vehicle settings both before and after any work is carried out, allowing full transparency of the completed works. is a wheel alignment information resource and centre locator developed by Pro-Align, one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of wheel alignment and wheel service equipment. Pro-Align’s advanced systems are used by many vehicle manufacturers, franchised dealer groups, independent workshops, motorsport specialists and vehicle technology consultancies. Pro-Align is the sole partner for the Hunter range of wheel aligners, balancers and tyre changers.