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Motorola Luxury Point of Sale units, designed by WAVE Marketing and Communications, shine out amidst ongoing doom and gloom of recession.

Press Release   •   Dec 09, 2009 12:12 GMT

The new Point of Sale was designed to coincide with the introduction of the limited Diamond Edition AURA™ phone. The retail Point of Sale had to reflect the upmarket specification of the AURA™ range and in particular the Diamond Edition An “A stunning fusion of flawless craftsmanship with an exquisite blend of 18-carat gold, 34 diamonds and a 62-carat sapphire lens”.

“In our extensive research of retail display units for upmarket watches and hi-end consumer electronics we saw a lot of black, square units that felt very “male” in orientation, Motorola AURA™ is a very special proposition aimed at high net worth individuals and not limited to men. In order to provide real visual stand out we designed units that had strong curved elements to reflect the product design and for differentiation were constructed using white high gloss Acrylic. The purity of the whiteness give a true sense of luxury and a radical contrast to what’s out there already” commented WAVE director Tony Barton. “These white shinning plinths and their exclusive merchandise contained within them flies in the face of all the doom and gloom at the moment and make a strong appeal to high net worth consumers who are unaffected by the recession”. 

Consumer reaction has been strong so far and WAVE is hopeful of delivering additional Point of Sale units for Motorola in other hi-end retail establishments.

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