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Motorola Unveil The Xoom Tablet Device

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2011 18:05 GMT

Motorola have stepped away from the impressive line up of mobile phones to give us the new Xoom, a tablet device benefiting from a gorgeous large screen along with some superb specification, especially when looking at the use of the new Android 3.0 operating system.

Motorola have opted to approach the large screen end of the tablet market, pitting it against the like of the iPad, rather than the more pocketable, but less impressive units such as the Galaxy Tab from Samsung. The 10.1 screen fitted on this model really does give the unit wow factor. Graphic quality is superb and photographs look crystal clear thanks to the resolution that offers 1280 x 800 pixels in a 16:10 contrast ratio. Perhaps more visually impressive than the screen itself, is the new Android 3.0 operating system, a platform designed especially for large screen devices such as this, and it certainly shows on the interface. Widgets and icons look clearer than ever, and the OS even takes advantage of the big screen my offering a rotating carousel very similar in layout to what can be found on iTunes. Developers have also been on board with Google in this development, thus the likes of YouTube look visually different from anything we have encountered before. Indeed, Android 3.0 may well be the most important factor when choosing which tablet to go for, certainly holding its own against the Apple operating system and knocking spots of the Android 2.2 found on the Samsung.

When using the Motorola Xoom for the first time, asides from the visuals, the other impressive aspect is the general speed at which the device operates. This can be attributed to a 1Ghz processor that is not only exceptionally fast, but also is a dual core unit, enabling the Xoom to easily handle multitasking features. Anybody looking for a true multi media device will be pleased with what this model can offer. There are two cameras, a 2 mega pixel front facing affair and a rear mounted 5 mega pixel main camera which both produce a good quality of image, whilst there is also the option to capture video footage in High Definition at 720P resolution. The results, as you would expect, look stunning on the large display, or when hooked up to a home television. The Motorola Xoom enters the ever growing tablet market place and immediately jumps to the front of the pack with a breath taking interface and a stunning design.

The Motorola Xoom and the LG Optimus 7Q are coming soon.

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