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Nano safety product set to offer major business opportunity

Press release   •   May 08, 2012 19:02 BST

Car dealerships across the UK are set for a major boost to their sales and aftersales business following the launch of Diamon-Fusion UK, the exclusive distributor of patented Diamon-Fusion windscreen and DFI glass protection products for the automotive sector across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire.

The revolutionary patented nano-technology windscreen treatment offers a host of benefits to drivers such as increasing visibility by up to 30 per cent, reducing night time glare by 25 percent, increasing the load capacity of windscreens by up to 10 times therefore making it more resistant to chips and eradicating frosty glass on cold mornings. However, for dealerships it will act as a key customer revenue and retention tool thanks its ability to be packaged into a number of innovative aftersales products.

“While the actual treatment delivers a number of notable and impressive tangible benefits to drivers, one of the key attractions to workshops is the way it can be sold within the dealership,” explains Nathan Curzons, director, Diamon-Fusion UK. “Its appeal and versatility means that there are significant opportunities for several areas of sales and aftersales such as service departments or indeed finance and business insurance managers.”

Indeed, the treatment can be sold as a stand-alone product with a ‘Peak Performance’ programme which entitles the customer to a complimentary inspection and revitaliser service every three or six months for up to three years. It can also be offered as part of an integrated menu of products such as paint and fabric service contracts which are available from dealerships’ finance and insurance teams. Finally, it can also be sold by the finance and insurance desks as a stand-alone product which also combines a one, two or three-year windscreen repair or replacement guarantee.

“Diamon-Fusion has proven to be a huge success with drivers and dealerships alike in both the United States and Canada which has helped to increase workshop sold hours, customer retention and profits,” continues Curzons. “We will be supporting the product and our customers with a high profile marketing campaign aimed directly at drivers, so in the meantime, it’s important that forward looking dealerships make this an integrated element of their sales and aftersales business soon.”

DFI UK is in the final stages of discussions regarding it glass guarantee cover and it expects to release further details and pricing shortly. In the meantime, dealerships keen to see a demonstration of Diamon-Fusion’s nano-technology or wishing to learn more about the business opportunities should visit or call 08442 456 600.