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NBS 9 Launches from Nakamichi.

Press Release   •   Sep 25, 2014 10:26 BST

The NBS 9 is equipped with NFC (near-field communication) technology; a short range, wireless interactive technology which can detect the proximity of your pairing music device before deciding on the type of pairing connection.

Primarily designed for use with smart phones, androids and tablets; as well as connecting via Bluetooth you can also use a 3.5mm auxiliary cable to connect your device to the speaker. With a 10 metre range, you can use the NBS 9 indoors or outdoors, making it ideal for use at garden parties or house parties.

Main Features:

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Smart Motion Sensor Control Function
  • Voice Script Function
  • Hands free Function with Built-In Microphone
  • Support TF Card, Aux In Mode
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer Battery
  • Wireless Working Distance: 10 Metres
  • Up to 5 hours playtime
  • Micro USB Charging Port

Price & Availability:

The NBS 9 is now available from http://www.nakamichi.co.uk and other leading retailers at RRP £49.99 inc

About Nakamichi:

The Nakamichi names represent a long proud tradition of quality and innovation in acoustics and electronics. Today’s Nakamichi had its origin in the founding of a small research institute in 1948. Nakamichi Research as it was then called got its start in basic research and development in electromagnetism, magnetic recording, acoustics and communications.

Because of its experience in manufacturing magnetic tape heads and equipment, in 1967 the company started making tape decks for a number of foreign manufacturers including Harman Kardon,KLHAdventFisherELACSylvaniaConcordAmpex and Motorola.It is credited with offering the world's first three-head cassette deck.

While their cassette decks were particularly well known, the company is also credited with audio innovations, such as self-centering record players, high-end DAT recorders, and ultra-compact slot-loading CD changers. Since 1999 its product range has included design-oriented home cinema audio systems, mini hi-fi systems and automotive stereo products, and from 2006, video DVD products.