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Networking should focus on quality connections to accelerate success states 1st Line Global

Press Release   •   Apr 09, 2018 11:58 BST

With effective networking being integral for business success, CEO Jaemes Hunt at 1st Line Global has found many aspiring entrepreneurs network just for the sake of it and look to acquire as many connections as possible instead of focusing on building quality connections.

1st Line Global: About the firm.

1st Line Globa l encourages their contractors to build meaningful networks within their professional lives that can be defined as strong and diverse. The firm details how in the sales and marketing sector, professionals are exposed to a wide array of individuals, the importance lies in pinpointing those who can make an impact upon their lives. 1st Line Global explores how many aspects of business can be learnt from others, ranging from coaching, knowledge or further exposition to wider circles.

As such, the firm has detailed aspects to consider when networking, ensuring that quality connections are being built, with meaningful relationships. The firm detail how this must begin with initiating a brief yet memorable conversation, this can be established through a variety of techniques. The firm advises starting a discussion with an anecdote, encouraging the other person to do the same and turning this into a quick interaction. The company recommends keeping these exchanges confident and straightforward.

Subsequently, to build a genuine business relationship, the firm advises doing something important for the other professional; this can encompass many things, i.e. knowledge. Pinpointing areas in which one's own expertise can be shared will enhance relationships. If the opportunity arises, 1st Line Global advise turning this into a physical gesture, for example sending a book with annotations or an invitation to a conference.

1st Line Global’s CEO Jaemes Hunt attributes his success to the networking of dynamic professionals in his inner circle. The entrepreneur has detailed the numerous professionals he has met during his business ventures, yet can pinpoint a select few who have helped to expand his knowledge and accelerate his career.

This firm is urging their contractors to capitalize on each and every potential networking opportunity and is promoting how regular attendance at industry events and conferences is a tremendous opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. 1st Line Global are experts within the state of Florida, with a strong focus on face-to-face marketing campaigns, subsequently understating the importance of effective human interaction and communication capabilities.



Managing Director: Jaemes Hunt

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