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New and ground-breaking model for climate partnership

Press Release   •   Jul 06, 2009 09:29 BST

Press release from DONG Energy sent at 10:29 AM on Monday 06.07.2009

New and ground-breaking model for climate partnership

The Rockwool Group and DONG Energy commit to ambitious and wide-ranging agreement.

The task of Danish businesses and local authorities of trying to find effective climate solutions will now be supported by a new platform that will provide ample inspiration and genuine help with the efforts to solve one of the biggest challenges of our time - global warming.


The platform has been created through talks and close collaboration between two companies, both of which make their living from helping their customers with energy and energy conservation. The Rockwool Group and DONG Energy have today finalised a partnership agreement that will ensure a coordinated and extensive effort in providing energy-saving measures for private home owners as well as private companies and the public sector.


The aim of the partnership is to improve energy efficiency in buildings and includes planning, advice on how to implement energy improvements and financing. The two companies see great potential in this area given that more than 40% of energy consumption in Denmark comes from buildings.


Practicing what they preach

“We can see from other countries, which are further ahead in making buildings more energy efficient, that stricter, political energy requirements for buildings combined with simple, easily accessible services for advice and implementation of energy improvements, can really get things moving," says Eelco van Heel, CEO of Rockwool International.


He goes on to explain that the Rockwool Group itself practices what it preaches. The Group has, for instance, analysed and implemented energy improvements at both its factories in Denmark and will now be using resultant financial savings to purchase green electricity from the Horns Rev 2 wind farm.


Shared knowledge saves more energy DONG Energy has also been very encouraged by the initial success of the partnership aimed at home owners, which was launched in the spring. This particular partnership also involves Danfoss and ProTec Vinduer, in addition to DONG Energy and the Rockwool Group.


The platform is now being extended to include services for the private and public sector, as well as a series of other alliance partners such as COWI and BRF Kredit. The service includes advice and help with implementing insulation, modernisation of heating systems, ventilation, lighting and much more.


“We have a unique opportunity with the Rockwool Group because we can build on a range of inherent networks. When we bring together our knowledge of energy and energy consumption, we can create new products and services for everyone from a home owner to a responsible company owner to the municipal project manager, who all want to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions, " says CEO of DONG Energy Anders Eldrup.

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