New and improved Meat Purchasing Guide App

Press release   •   Jan 28, 2014 10:00 GMT

An upgrade to the highly successful Meat Purchasing Guide App is now available. The app, which links to EBLEX’s Cutting Specification Manual, includes a whole host of enhancements and new features; helping to cement its position as an indispensable meat ordering tool.

As well as being able to view and order any of the 450 beef, veal, lamb and mutton cuts featured in EBLEX’s Meat Purchasing Guide, retailers and chefs can now also order 96 pork cuts developed by BPEX and over 100 animal by-products covering beef, lamb and pork.

EBLEX and BPEX have worked closely together over the last six months on the development of the app upgrade and to identify a range of traditional and innovative pork products. The addition of pork cuts makes the app even more useful for anyone working in the red meat supply chain.

The introduction of animal by-products opens up the app to the all-important export market.

The new app includes a variety of useful resources such as links to all of EBLEX’s videos featuring Michelin-starred chef Nigel Haworth and detailed cutting demonstrations for a number of the cuts featured.

The free app, which has already been downloaded over 3,000 times, brings convenience, quality and consistency to the ordering process. It enables retailers and caterers to order required cuts direct from their supplier or catering butcher using a smartphone or tablet device, saving valuable business time.

Retailers and chefs will also benefit from more consistent products because, once an order has been placed, their suppliers will receive direct links to online cutting specifications, with step-by-step instructions showing how to prepare the cuts.

A thumbnail and description of each cut is included and users can personalise this by adding notes to a particular cut. Other products such as poultry and fish can also be added to a ‘favourites’ list and included as part of the final order.

Business development manager for EBLEX, Dick van Leeuwen, said: “Our aim in developing the enhanced Meat Purchasing Guide app is to make it an essential tool for everyone in the industry. We have collaborated closely with BPEX to include a wide range of pork products and this will undoubtedly benefit meat buyers and suppliers.”

“The app’s greatest asset is its efficacy to anyone working in the meat industry: it is brilliant for buyers because they can tell their supplier exactly what they want, in terms of specification and level of trim; sales people can use the app when they are visiting customers to refer to particular cuts and primals; there are obvious benefits for product development teams; it provides a great training tool for staff who are new to the industry; it enables catering butchers to expose chefs to new cuts and ideas; and, importantly, it can help exporters showcase their beef, lamb and pork products to overseas markets.”

BPEX foodservice trade sector manager, Tony Goodger, said: “The Meat Purchasing Guide app is a great example of industry innovation and we were only too happy to get involved. The app includes a variety of pork cuts from a Carvery Roast to Pork Osso Bucco, and means that buyers can now easily and conveniently place their entire red meat order at the same time.”

The enhanced app has been developed for Android and iOS operating systems and is available to download now from Google Play and the App Store. Existing users of the Meat Purchasing Guide app can also benefit from the upgrade by simply updating it when prompted.


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