New app puts the fun into yacht maintenance

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2013 19:32 GMT

Most yacht owners plan to maintain their boats regularly, but how often do you actually do it, and do you remember when you did it, and what you did last time?

- After owning a few boats over the years I discovered the need for keeping track of all the work and installations that had been done. This becomes very clear when the boat is to be sold. That’s why I decided to develop an app that helps you keep track of regular maintenance, and thereby keep the cost down and the second hand value of your yacht up, says Rolf Frydenberg, cofounder and partner in Yachtapps.no.

The app MyYacht is iOS based and can be downloaded to iPhone and iPad from AppStore/iTunes.  MyYacht turns your iPhone into a valuable database about your yacht. Here you can store all the basic information about the yacht, and for instance make sure that you know what kind of engine oil you use and when you changed it the last time – and then add a task reminding you of when to change it the next time.

- Yacht maintenance is incredibly boring, and I would rather be sailing than messing around with filters, wires and all kinds of mess. But after we developed MyYacht and I have had the chance to test it in real life, I find that I can do more sailing in confidence that my equipment is up to date, says Jon Amtrup, cofounder of the new solution.

MyYacht will let you keep all the specifications for your yacht on your iPhone or iPad and bring it with you on land or sea. Data includes “everything” from registration and insurance to size and weight; info on all the equipment, from electronics to deck gear and safety equipment; all the tasks that need doing and the plans to get them done; your logbook entries, which you can also post to Facebook at the touch of a button, and much more.

This is the first version of MyYacht; new and extended versions will be coming out regularly, with more functionality. Users will be automatically notified about the availability.

- We are very keen to get feedback from the users. They have a unique opportunity to push the design and functionality in the direction they want, says Frydenberg.

You can buy MyYacht here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myyacht/id723322457?mt=8&uo=4 for $ 8.99 (local prices apply)

For more information

See www.yachtapps.no or contact us on info@yachtapps.no

For press

If you would like to have a 30 day trial version, please contact us. The downside is that you have to start all over again with all the data if you decide to continue to use it after 30 days. So you also have the possibility to buy it right away…

Yachtapps.no creates IT solutions that makes life on the sea more fun, more secure and more affordable. We have just released MyYacht, an app that will help you keep track of everything important on your boat.​