New brochure helps identify beef carcases

Press release   •   Jun 26, 2014 12:28 BST

New educational guide from EBLEX explores how to distinguish cows from bulls, steers and heifers and identify age and conformation by studying the carcase

‘Identifying Beef Carcases’ is the latest addition to EBLEX’s series of knowledge transfer guides. Developed to share the organisation’s expertise, the guide is particularly useful as a training tool for anybody working in the beef industry.

The guide describes different breeds and types of cattle, detailing their uses in beef production and illustrates how to identify the sex and age of the animal and how to grade conformation by studying the carcase and exploring differences in muscle development, changes in bone structure due to the age of the animal and fat and meat colouration.

The guide also contains two beef carcase classification charts. One of these shows the typical classification for cow beef and the other features conformation standards for Quality Standard Mark (QSM) beef. It includes examples of good and poor conformation, with images and detailed descriptions showcasing acceptable industry standards.

Business development manager for EBLEX, Dick van Leeuwen, who produced the guide, said: “‘Identifying Beef Carcases’ is the latest in our series of knowledge transfer publications developed to help businesses improve their operational effectiveness. This guide combines the knowledge of EBLEX’s team of experts and it will enable businesses to educate and train the next generation of butchers and beef buyers.”

To order printed copies of ‘Identifying Beef Carcases’, call the QSM Scheme Hotline on 0845 491 8787, or to view the guide online, visit www.eblextrade.co.uk


Notes to editors

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