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New Classroom 911 Service Adds Safety for 84 Million School Students and Teachers

Press Release   •   Feb 20, 2013 16:38 GMT

New York – The leading developer of 911/emergency communication systems for pilots and flight attendants has announced today that have developed a powerful new School-Wide Lockdown and 911/Emergency Communication Service – which secures classrooms, and help teachers and staff alert 100 “+” school and emergency personnel simultaneously in the event of a crisis.

InFlight Labs, LLC; aircraft emergency communications provider and finalist for the 2013 “Safety Leadership of the Year Award” by Air Traffic Control Global announced today they will introduce a new proprietary product named LifeGuard™ School Protection System that will add a new level of safety and protection for schools.

LifeGuard™ School Protection System which is scheduled for testing later this month; will offer School-Wide Lockdown and Classroom Emergency Communication Services which will benefit of students, teachers, school staff and emergency personnel during any school crisis.

The LifeGuard School Protection System™ consists of custom-engineered hardware and software elements, providing a classroom lockdown system and advanced web interface that runs on teacher and staff iPads , Macs, PCs and Smartphones throughout school grounds.

With LifeGuard’s one touch feature, teachers and staff can send a GPS – based 911 alert to other school employees, along with 100 “+” regional emergency personnel, government personnel , police, ambulance, fire, and 911 authorities. Immediately following the GPS-based message, 2-way audio/video communication and advanced text messaging (2,000 characters per text) between the classroom or school and key regional authorities is established over the LifeGuard™ interface. Concurrently, the alerting teacher is instructed to can deploy the simple-to-use LifeGuard Door Bar System™– manually or automatically (in development) – to lockdown the classroom from entry.

“The innovative LifeGuard School Protection System™ will benefit everyone – from students, teachers, and staff, to emergency personnel – by combining a variety of key resources and cutting edge technology for defense and safety within minutes of a school emergency ,” says Jay Bekanich, company Spokesperson.

The LifeGuard™ dynamic web interface stores more than 18 points of critical information about the school, GPS-location of the teacher or staff member and the current crisis. This vital information is embedded in all video and each real-time message sent and received through the LifeGuard™ interface. All LifeGuard School Protection System™ activity is recorded and time-stamped, ensuring accountability.

“It is imperative for schools to have a school-wide lockdown and emergency communication system,” Bekanich continues. “The LifeGuard School Protection System™ can ‘go live’ within days or weeks, versus potential years through a hardware-only deployment. We will be seeking strategic partners to help cultivate and develop this ‘win-win’ solution that adds an additional layer of safety and security in today’s education environment.”.

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InFlight Labs, LLC:

InFlight Labs, LLC is a privately held company with offices in Manhattan, NY, and Los Gatos, CA. The company offers the Leading InFlight 911 Service for aircraft and a finalist for the 2013 “Safety Leadership of the Year” Excellence Award by Air Traffic Control Global and Air Traffic Management Magazine.

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