New Comparison Site Uncovers the UK's Best Broadband Deals for Students

Press Release   •   Sep 21, 2010 09:35 BST

Nowadays there are comparison sites for pretty much everything we need. However when it comes to students looking for the best broadband deal there are a number of crucial factors that need to be taken into consideration which make their requirements very specific. Students tend to use a vast amount of bandwidth, need fast internet streaming for BBC iPlayer and only rent for only 48 weeks or so. Being tied to a slow, 18 month contract with a monthly broadband cap is the last thing any student wants and ending up with such a contract can prove an expensive mistake.

Now, help is at hand thanks to a new impartial comparison site Broadband for Students ( which is the first of its kind offering expertise and advice to help guide students through the maze of the many broadband deals now on offer to the student market.

Broadband for Students was launched by Harvey Carpenter, a 20 year old student studying law at the University of Exeter. “When I moved into my student house last year sharing with four other students, ordering broadband was the one of the most stressful things we had to deal with” said Harvey. The students soon found out that tempting headline deals were based on long contracts, the super-fast speeds advertised simply did not exist in reality, and the eye-catching low monthly costs always increased after just a few months- all adding up to a pretty frustrating and stressful experience.

Broadband for Students brings together all of the lowest unlimited broadband deals from the UK's leading providers. As students rarely rent for a year most of the top deals on the site are 9 month contracts. The site's current best deal is a Virgin Media 9 month contract which saves students an impressive £163.76 on comparative contracts from other suppliers.

Not only does the new Broadband for Students website clearly list the various options available to students - whether they are sharing or on their own - but also provides them with a really helpful free guide to student broadband. The guide, which is viewable online and also available as a PDF explains everything a student needs to know to make the right choice. It covers all aspects of broadband including speed, bandwidth, contract lengths and line rental, “wireless” and “mobile” student broadband, and a handy checklist before ordering your broadband contract.

The website also features a live chat box where visitors can chat to a student who's been through the process themselves and can advise what to expect, how long things take, whether you need line rental and which provider you should choose.

Broadband for Students looks set to change the way many thousands of students choose their broadband and save themselves much needed cash. To find out more about Broadband for Students visit the website at is the only website dedicated to helping UK students find the best broadband deal.

Created by students for students, it includes a price comparison tool, guide to student broadband as well as the ability to talk to a student who has ordered broadband before!