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10 Year-Anniversary Album From Acclaimed UK Electronica Duo

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2014 10:15 GMT

MUSIC FOR AN UNSTABLE PLANET is the new album from Sheffield-based electronica duo Animat.

About Animat

Since joining forces in 2004, musicians, producers and DJs Mark Daly and Michael Harding (aka The Only Michael) have made six self-released EPs as well as two albums on the Big Chill label and have had tracks released on compilations by Bloodsugar, Dubmission, One World and Stereo Deluxe  among others.

They have worked with guest vocalists including Sanchita Farruque (Nitin Sawhney, Trilok Gurtu), Anne Garner and Lisa Palmer and created remixes for artists including Pitch Black, Deep Dive Corp, Winter North Atlantic and Banco de Gaia.

Animat have also built up a national reputation in the UK for their innovative live soundtracking projects, producing and performing new soundtracks to a series of outstanding cult films, including Belleville Rendezvous, The Straight Story, The Last Man on Earth and John Carpenter’s Dark Star.

MUSIC FOR AN UNSTABLE PLANET is their second release on the Swedish based electronica label Mareld, following on from last year’s Zero Blue Gravity EP. It includes reworkings of hidden gems from earlier EPs – To Know Better, The Distance from A-B and Gogo’s Clock  - tracks adapted from the live soundtrack to Belleville Rendezvous (touring in in 2014 as part of the Tour de France UK cultural events programme), and new pieces International Frequency and Dreams Dot TV.

Press Quotes

“An enchanting listen and a beautifully fresh sounding album” - (Pathaan (BBC, Globetronica)

“A slice of downtempo, digital soul sparkling across moody, ethereal backgrounds and beats” - (The Big Issue)

“Lovely, lush, intelligent ambient music” - (Bob Dukis, Six Degrees Records)

“I love the overall feel – Quality” - (Ashley Beedle)

“Animat draw in strands from Lemon Jelly and Brian Eno but create a sound they can claim to be their own.  Even the vocal tracks, whilst stepping out of the ambient box briefly, are still hypnotic and lush.” - (Exposed Magazine)

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The release is out now on Mareld, a part of the Substream Music Group of Sweden. Mareld was founded in 2009 with the purpose of sharing deep, unique electronic music with the world, whether deep house, IDM, ambient or leftfield. Today, the label has released 30 EPs and albums with from artists in Europe and America.

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