New Meat Education Programme Launched

Press Release   •   Jan 08, 2016 15:04 GMT

AHDB Beef & Lamb has unveiled the hugely anticipated Meat Education Programme, an accessible and free-to-use educational resource for the whole of the meat industry.

The comprehensive Meat Education Programme was developed after AHDB Beef & Lamb identified a lack of accessible training for professionals working in the meat industry. It aims to help both individuals and businesses to enhance their knowledge and understanding and provide them with certification.

The Meat Education Programme is targeted at the whole of the meat supply chain, including: butchers and processors; chefs, foodservice sales and new product development staff; meat buyers and traders; meat counter staff, and marketing professionals and press.

At the heart of the Meat Education Programme is an innovative web-based platform, which can be accessed via AHDB Beef & Lamb’s trade website.

The Meat Education Programme comprises theory and practical modules covering: understanding beef and lamb breeds, production and meat quality; identifying beef carcases for classification, quality, age and the sex of the animal; understanding and recognising different beef and lamb cuts; ideal cooking methods used for different muscles; understanding cooking with red meat; customer service for serve-over counters; telephone skills for meat sales staff; and three beef and lamb practical modules for learners to demonstrate their skills by cutting a carcase into primal cuts and producing retail and foodservice cuts.

Online assessment and certification are available – free-of-charge – for the theory modules. The three practical beef and lamb modules will be assessed at the learner’s place of work by highly experienced butchery professionals.

There are 16 theory and practical modules in the Meat Education Programme and each is supported by must-read study materials (free to download) that have been produced to help learners achieve optimum results.

Learners can track their progress online; the website will highlight which assessments have been taken, results and any certificates that have been achieved.

Dick van Leeuwen, business development manager for AHDB Beef & Lamb and project leader of the Meat Education Programme, said: “It gives me great pleasure to launch the Meat Education Programme – an extensive and wide-reaching resource developed to add genuine value to the industry. We know that it will prove to be a hugely beneficial tool to individuals and businesses – from butchers to chefs – operating within the meat industry, boosting knowledge and skills.

“Not only will the Meat Education Programme enhance industry knowledge but it will also make it more appealing to newcomers by providing easy access to training and development, with demonstrable accreditation.

“We cannot wait for people to try the programme out and would welcome the opportunity to talk to any business that would like to discuss trialling the programme as an in-house educational resource for staff.”

To register to start using the Meat Education Programme, or for further information, visit www.qsmbeefandlamb.co.uk/mep


Notes to editors

Modules include:


  • 1.Cutting and De-Boning a Beef Carcase into Primal Cuts – Level 1
  • 2.Cutting Beef Primal Cuts into Basic Retail and Foodservice Cuts – Level 2
  • 3.Cutting Beef Primal Cuts into Advanced Retail and Foodservice Cuts – Level 3
  • 4.Cutting a Lamb Carcase into Primal Cuts – Level 1
  • 5.Cutting Lamb Primal Cuts into Basic Retail and Foodservice Cuts – Level 2
  • 6.Cutting Lamb Primal Cuts into Advanced Retail and Foodservice Cuts – Level 3


  • 1.Understanding and Recognising Beef Cuts – Level 1
  • 2.Recognising Beef Foodservice and Retail Cuts and Understanding the Best Cooking Methods – Level 2
  • 3.Understanding Cattle Production, Beef Quality and the Supply Chain
  • 4.Identifying Beef Carcases
  • 5.Understanding and Recognising Lamb Primal Cuts – Level 1
  • 6.Recognising Lamb Foodservice and Retail Cuts and Understanding the Best Cooking Methods – Level 2
  • 7.Understanding Sheep Production, Lamb Quality and the Supply Chain
  • 8.Understanding Cooking Beef, Lamb and Pork and the Different Cooking Methods Used
  • 9.Understanding Customer Service – Serve-Over Counters
  • 10.Effective and Engaging Telephone Skills

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