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New Features for BankVal UK web service

Press Release   •   Sep 13, 2010 14:23 BST

As online credit/debit card fraud becomes am increasing problem, Unified Software bring for the first time via a web service, an enhanced level of credit/debit card validation.

More than just a simple check of the credit/debit card number, BankVal UK can now determine the card type, issuing organisation, country of issue and other useful fraud detection information.

George Barron, CTO at Unified Software commented:

“This enhanced service is a first line check to make sure that credit/debit card numbers have been entered correctly and as a powerful anti-fraud measure. Available as a web service, this module can be used to pre-screen credit/debit card numbers BEFORE they are encrypted to a database or forwarded to a merchant service. We have worked closely with our customers and anti-fraud organisations and are confident that we have delivered a service that will improve the quality of our customers’ data and help to reduce card crime.”

Also today, Unified Software has launched a new data conversion module, uniquely available as a web service. BankVal can now convert UK sort codes and account numbers into international IBAN / SWIFT format.

An essential component for processing international payments via SEPA or CHAPS networks, this service will be valuable for multinational businesses that wish to standardise their data.

Further details are available at www.unifiedsoftware.co.uk

Unified Software’s customers include BP, JP Morgan Chase, Greenpeace, BT, Genworth Financial and Moneysupermarket.com. To find out more about Unified Software visit www.unifiedsoftware.co.uk

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