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New from AEG’s Neue Kollektion: MaxiSense® induction hob with first TFT controls in Europe

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2011 13:27 GMT

MaxiSense®, the AEG induction hob that adjusts to the shape of the pan, gets intuitive, interactive MaxiSight™ TFT color display – the first colour TFT display for hobs in Europe.

As part of its Neue Kollektion launch, AEG is improving the way people will interact with its top-of-the-line MaxiSense® induction hob. The hob overcomes the frustration of cooking on traditional induction zones which put limitations on the size of pan that can be used. Pots and pans have maximum space and choice of position, as long as the cross is covered. For example an oversized pan such as a fish kettle or tagine can comfortably be placed over two cooking zones.

NEW TFT Controls

Now, the MaxiSight® TFT colour display is the first colour TFT display for hobs in Europe. It significantly upgrades the overall impression of the cooking surface and introduces a whole new user interaction philosophy on built-in hobs. The consumer interacts with the large display more smoothly for precise and advanced control of the cooking zones. And it provides optimum visibility on all cooking functionalities via graphics that can be read at a glance.

“For example, the cooking zones are represented by outlined circles,” explains Sophie Davidson of AEG. “When a zone is off, the circle is small and grey, when a zone is activated the circle becomes larger and indicates the heat level. When a zone is off but has residual heat, the circle is small and coloured.”

There is also a Count-up timer, a minute minder and an energy-saving timer that uses residual heat indication to switch the hob off earlier than defined – still providing enough energy for the defined time and cooking level. “MaxiSight® works intuitively, providing total control,” says Sophie Davidson.

DirektTouch Controls

DirekTouch controls further enhance the precise temperature control of induction cooking. With DirekTouch, one selects the power level for each zone with a single touch, then fine-tunes it with a slider. There is also a bridge function on selected models to control two zones simultaneously with the same accuracy.

“MaxiSight® and DirekTouch controls have been designed to interact smoothly and intuitively with consumers who demand complete and precise control over the cooking process,” says Sophie Davidson.

“The fine-tuning is incredibly precise for cooking delicate sauces. Yet almost instant high heat means you can be ready to sear meat or fish in seconds.”

The induction hob segment is taking an increasing share of the market and AEG foresees continued strong growth in the category. “In addition to strong cooking performance, induction is also energy efficient, which is becoming more important every day,” Sophie Davidson says.

Hk884400xg 80cm Maxisense TFT hob (Pictured)

  • MaxiSight hob with TFT screen
  • ‘DirekTouch’ electronic Controls
  • 80cm wide
  • Optifit frame
  • Optifix frame
  • OptiHeat residual heat indicator
  • Öko Timer- uses residual heat to turn power off and use residual heat.
  • Automax function automatically reduces the zone temperature to a pre-selected level after boiling
  • Automatic Booster for intense, rapid heat up
  •  Stop + go function pauses cooking on all zones at the touch of a button and then resumes pre-selected level, ideal for unexpected interruptions
  •  Programmable timer
  • Expected selling price £899

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