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New front-edge stamping equipment in Germany expands capacity

Press Release   •   Nov 06, 2013 09:55 GMT

The German Lesjöfors company Stumpp + Schüle has invested in new machinery that allows larger and more complex stamping orders. It also ensures a controlled production with high quality.

Nowadays simple devices increasingly take on more and more functions. As a consequence, their geometrical shape is getting more complex and complicated. Low prices and large-scale production drive manufacturers to supply complete and efficient parts. Stamping tool sizes are considerably affected by these factors. On the one hand they get longer because of the necessary additional process steps and on the other hand their new size requires bigger pressing tables and higher pressing forces. 

“After careful consideration of these facts and our current pool of enquiries where we see an increasing demand for bigger parts, we decided to invest in a larger stamping machine. Thanks to the new machinery we are well equipped for future stamping requirements”, says Wolfgang Hellman, Sales Manager at Stumpp + Schüle.

Longer lifetime

The new stamping machine (KSTZ 3150-20-5G PR by Andritz Kaiser GmbH) has a pressing force of remarkable 315 tons and its pressing table has a size of 2 000 mm. In addition, the existing stamping machines in-use will be relieved by this additional investment.  In general, even larger stamping machines ensure a running of the clamped tools that is quieter and nearly free of any vibrations which have a positive effect on wear, durability and output quantities of the tools.

Many advantagesLast but not least, the stamping and forming machine’s modern equipment allows perceptible ease of work, especially when adjusting large tools, along with a reduction of set-up times.  A precise roll feed, a fully automatic stroke adjustment, a regulated lubrication of the conveyor belt as well as further adjustments guarantee a process-controlled production with high quality.
“We are looking forward to receiving your demands. Contact us directly at Stumpp + Schüle or your regular Lesjöfors contact”, says Wolfgang Hellman.  

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