New Gaming Keyboard Website Focuses On What The Progamers Use

Press Release   •   Nov 30, 2011 23:59 GMT

The recent release of Starcraft 2 has spawned a new generation of competitive online multiplayer gaming that relies on incredibly fast and accurate actions to win. This game has formed its own "esport" with thousands of gamers competing in online tournaments and visiting LANs. Starcraft as an esport had previously shown promise only in Korea, but the popularity of Starcraft2 has made prize money from tournaments skyrocket opening up the opportunity for top players to become professionals. Players of all skill levels rely on gaming gear to improve the way they play, the gaming keyboard they use is important and they want to be able to use what the pros use.

With the Christmas period coming up soon avid gamers will want to find out what gaming keyboard they need to get and parents will need help to find it. For this reason, has launched to provide gamers with the intelligence that they really need about gaming keyboards . The aim is to help gamers improve their skills by ditching their generic keyboard and switching it with one designed for online gaming and hopefully start winning more.

The gaming keyboards that the pros use is an important feature on the website, with details on what some of the top Starcraft 2 pros use, such as QxG Destiny who regularly performs well at LANs such as MLG.  The Pros are players with the highest skill level in Starcraft 2 and the website highlights the best features of their gaming keyboards so that gamers can make the best decision. - Your guide to the competitive gaming keyboards that the Pros use