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New Growth Drive Sees CMA Global Getting Back to Basics

Press release   •   Jul 03, 2018 12:55 BST

In a recent push to drive company growth to supersonic levels, CMA Global has been taking an introspective look at their actions, mentality and processes in an attempt to reconnect with their company values and original motivations.

CMA Global: About the company

CMA Global have big goals! To accomplish these goals, the firm’s Managing Director Marques Aiken knows the importance of having a foundation of the right network of professional contractors and entrepreneurs and the impact this has on their, and the company’s, journey to success. CMA Global has a team of marketing experts all with previous industry experience and together, have forged a brand and culture that allows them to cater for their clients B2B and B2C needs.

CMA Global is determined to be the best outsourced sales and marketing provider in their state and be revered by the industry as a leading firm. Robert Greene, author of the popular book ‘The 48 Laws of Power’, states that industry-leading professionals were not born into a state of superior success and instead have an unyielding focus and work ethic that has got them to where they are today. CMA Global agrees with the views of Greene and advises their contractors that if they want to be the best, they need to network with the right people, practice acting like the best and have an open mind with a willingness to learn.

Marques Aiken has been driving his contractors to become the best by advising them to practise their sales pitches with each other and to take on the guidance from the mentors within CMA Global and other industry entrepreneurs, so they can better their performance and produce higher quality results for themselves and the firm's clients.The Managing Director has been educating his team on the theory that everything a person does has a ‘why’ and that a person can embed considering about this ‘why’ into their subconscious through constant reminding and daily practice. Marques Aiken is keen to get his contractors thinking about the why behind every action they take, helping them to become better entrepreneurs because the ‘why’ is partially responsible for the quality of the actions and the results those actions produce.

CMA Global is a firm for positive people who are willing to learn, work hard and want to join a network of experienced and successful entrepreneurs. The Managing Director of CMA Global, Marques Aiken said "We have been working hard to push out all negative habits and only focus on attracting positive people and taking positive actions. Since doing this, we have seen a huge shift in morale and the company culture in general. Everyone is engaged and determined to do well." CMA Global have big goals for the rest of 2018, so to achieve them, he understands that he needs strong foundations and a secure network of contractors and professionals all pulling in the same direction.



Marques Aiken - MD


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