Press Release   •   Nov 12, 2011 15:17 GMT

  • 89% of ISA investors have no idea what they are paying in charges.
  • 69% of people say the current economic climate has forced them to revisit and replan their money affairs.
  • 49% of people will take investment more seriously if they can deal with people they know will not hit them with hidden charges.
  • 38% of adults say they have never had an investment plan in place to work to.

A new financial planning website, rplan (www.rplan.co.uk), launches this week and is set to
save Britons millions in ongoing investment commissions.
rplan offers a fresh alternative for the consumer providing a more rounded way to take control
of their investments that is clear and more cost-effective. It brings together four essential
elements in a simple-to-use site:

  • Plan. For each life goal, people can put together an investment plan and keep track of how close they are to achieving it.
  • Save money: rplan refunds at least 50% of the ongoing commissions people pay for the investments they hold through the site – a typical saving of £6,334 over 10 years for ISA investors. With rplan people can also check for free the charges they are already paying (www.rplan.co.uk/charges ).
  • Analyse: Simple tools and free mobile apps keep people up to date on their investments’ value and performance – wherever they are.
  •  Share: In addition to expert commentary, investors can share insights and experiences with like-minded people.

The rplan launch comes at a time when the economic slowdown has forced 69% of people to
re-visit and re-plan their finances, with common steps taken including; cutting back spending,
trying to free up more money to save and invest, putting back retirement and rethinking which
life goals are real priorities. Added to this, as millions of people re-plan what they do with a
shrinking disposable income, 38% admit that they have never had a long-term financial plan in
place to work towards.

In the current economic climate charges eat into the value of a fund and worse still, most
investors do not realise what they are paying. rplan research reveals 30% of Britons think they
are paying no charges for their ISA, and of those that think they are paying charges, 89% have
no idea what those charges might be. Most alarming it is people on higher incomes and those
closest to retirement, people that would have been paying charges for the longest, that are most
likely to think they are paying no charges at all. rplan does not get paid to promote products
and it pays back at least 50% of the ongoing commissions people pay for the investments they
have – and no one pays more than £15 a month.rplan has built a business based on what people want. When rplan asked more than 2,200 people what would encourage them to take investing money more seriously and to take more financial decisions themselves:

  • 49% of people wanted to deal with a firm they knew would not hit them with hidden or extra charges
  • 43% of people said easy access to good, simple information that made it easier to understand the market was key;
  • 34% said that once a fund was in place it was vital to be able to quickly check whether their financial plan was on track or falling behind its target;
  • 24% of respondents said they wanted to deal with a firm that didn’t get paid to promote a specific company’s products;
  • 24% wanted access to tools, such as calculators, so they could work out what their investment target should be for a specific goal or plan.

Andy Creak, rplan co-founder said: “As a father of two children I, like millions of other parents,
am worrying about the cost of supporting my children through university. To address this I need
to put a specific plan in place for this goal. On rplan I can work out what my target pot needs to be - itself a bit of a shock - I can pick funds knowing what the charges and performance ratings are, I can quickly check them in the months ahead to see if I’m on plan and I can speak with likeminded people and swap notes to see if I’m missing a trick. With rplan I’m not just saving for a rainy day, I am putting plans in place to deal with the things that matter to me and my family. I am in control of my life: I am choosing the products I want to buy and I know what I am paying for.”

Commenting on the rplan offer, Justin Modray of CandidMoney.com said: “rplan fills a
significant and growing gap in the market by combining competitive fund discounts with useful
investment and financial planning tools, as well as aiming to create a thriving community of like
minded investors.”

For more information or to arrange interviews with the rplan team contact:
Lindsay Marino 07581 180501

rplan corporate communications Lindsay@rplan.co.uk
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1. Visit rplan today at www.rplan.co.uk
2. The research was undertaken by Vision Critical among a GB representative sample of
2,222 adults on 4 October 2011. For details of further research including regional findings, contact Lindsay@rplan.co.uk
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