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New ‘live’ Can-bus Device Gives Fleet Managers ‘Today’s Data - Today’.

Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2010 11:50 BST

Telematics and fleet management specialists’ iBox technology have launched an innovative ‘live’ Can-bus device.

The device is fitted as standard in iBox technology’s range of unique, data tracking ‘Mates’. Unlike other Can-bus reporting systems, which only provide historic data, the iBox Can-bus produces live, online data that can be acted upon immediately by fleet managers and drivers.

“As far as we aware, ours is the only system that gives you live data, connecting the cab to the manager’s office in real time,” said iBox technology director Steve Green.

“With our live interface it’s all there for you. If you click on the icon or link for a particular vehicle it will show you the fuel consumption, total fuel used, the average speed, its location, everything you need to know,” added Harris.

“A transport manager can take a look at this and see, for instance, that a driver has made six harsh braking manoeuvres in the space of half an hour. He can ring the driver up immediately to find out if there’s a problem.”

The iBox technology ‘Can-bus’ still allows fleet managers to produce the more conventional, advanced reports to be analysed and distributed.

“It still gives the fleet manager the option of generating a weekly report and will provide him or her with a plethora of information. But the difference is that, rather than waiting for the start of a new week to analyse last week’s data, we provide immediate information. We provide today’s data, today,” added Green.

iBox technology has already supplied hundreds of devices containing the live Can-bus feature to fleet management clients and is in negotiation with several major customers for further orders.

“Clients like the immediacy it provides and the extra level of control, information and communication it gives them,” said Green.

For further information, contact Steve Harris at iBox technology on 07855 770560 / 0870 0425501 or email him at steve.green@iboxtechnology.co.uk Alternatively, visit iBox technolgy's website, www.iboxtechnology.co.uk

IBox technology supplies a range of vehicle tracking and fleet management equipment. Its specially developed iBox ‘Mates’ allow clients to track and monitor a mass of vehicle and location data that, in turn, allows fleet managers to more efficiently and economically manage their vehicles, staff and costs. Viisit iBox technolgy's website, www.iboxtechnology.co.uk