Crave Doctor Ltd


Press Release   •   May 27, 2014 00:09 BST

Team Crave Doctor was unsatisfied with the traditional brands of peanut butter they found on the shelves at their local grocery store, so they created Kernel Krave using the finest peanuts and milk chocolate to tickle your taste buds. Now you can get the best of both worlds. After countless attempts and experiments, we have created a recipe which tastes delicious and does not compromise on its nutritional values. Kernel Krave is gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians, contains no hydrogenated oils and is low in cholesterol. Breakfast has never been so simple. 

Team Crave Doctor’s mission is to innovate and create products which allow the freedom to eat breakfast and snacks guilt free, to eat without any barriers or restrictions. Kernel Krave is available at independent grocery stores in two textures, smooth and crunchy. 
The spreads are great on bread, crackers, bananas, apples, celery, muffins and other foods. CONTACT: Crave Doctor on 0161 300 9396,