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New range of aluminium single watch winders launched by

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2013 22:25 GMT

The UK online watch winder store has launched a new range of aluminium watch winders. Available in four colours and with an LCD display, these stylish single watch winders have different programs that make them suitable for almost any automatic watch.

Built for discerning watch collectors – for those looking for a stylish home for their watch when it is not on their wrist – not only will these aluminium watch winders wind almost any automatic watch, they are also a great way show off a watch whilst keeping it running. These high quality items will grace any home or office, are mains or battery operated, have top quality Japanese motors for smooth, quiet operation, and cost just £69.99.

These new watch winders have an LCD display with selectable programs making them suitable for Rolex, Breitling, Omega and TAG Heuer watches; in fact they will wind almost every automatic watch. They have been designed as a stylish combination of a display case and a watch winder, with LED lights (which can be switched on or off) for those who really want to show off their watch.

Available in black, champagne (gold), silver and grey (platinum), collectors have the option of picking a colour that matches their watch or their furniture. And for those with a growing collection, these new watch winders also come with a connector lead allowing users to run up to nine from the same power lead. They can also be operated using batteries, with a battery replacement cycle of around 60 days.

The stylish new watch winders hold the watch so that the watch face is in a vertical position on a spring loaded soft leather lined pillow that it suitable for leather or steel straps. With a clear perspex window to protect the watch whilst in operation, they are ideal for those who want to see their watch but keep it in a dust free environment.

With five different turns per day settings, ranging from 650 for long term use to 1800 for a quick boost, plus clockwise, anti-clockwise and alternating direction settings, they have a total of 15 different program combinations. They also have a quality Japanese motor and an ‘easy open’ design, built to be repairable and last as long as the user wants to keep them. Product Manager Nick Bradshaw said: “We stock over 40 different watch winders, with models that will wind anything from one to eight watches at any one time, but these are the most stylish, multi-program single watch winders that we have ever stocked. With an aluminium body, they feel great and are a really good fit for high end watches at a really low prices.

“With an LCD display and optional lights they are perfect for those who want to really show off their watch whilst they keep it wound. They are also great for those wanting to buy a watch winder as a present but not sure what to buy, or for those who want a single watch winder that offers different programs to wind more than one watch. Because they offer a range of turns per day and direction settings, they are suitable for the widest range of watches.”

“With four different colours available, buyers can pick one to match their furniture or their watch, and for just £69.99 they really are one of the best value watch winders we have in stock when you consider the parts used. You cannot buy this style and quality, with such great features, for less elsewhere. In fact you can pay over £100 for the same item at another store.”

“The ability to power more than one from the same mains lead and the battery option makes these new watch winders a flexible choice too. The most popular colour so far has been the black watch winder , especially for those buying more than one. To see it click on the link, or to see all four colours go to the watch winders page on .”

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