New Recycled Shop Launched

Press Release   •   Jun 13, 2013 00:11 BST

A new online shop selling only products created from recycled items has launched on, the online recycling search tool.

Aiming to bring together the many smaller producers who use recycled or upcycled materials, it sells a whole range of products and gifts, from eye-catching jewellery and accessories created out of old drinks cans, to home and garden items skilfully produced from melted glass bottles and old horseshoes. founder Paul Bearman said: “It¹s been very exciting to source all the products for new shop. It¹s amazing what people use to create new, beautiful, interesting and useful products.¹

“I hope we¹ve created a great, inspirational shopping area and brought together a collection of intriguing products that make you think: how did they make that?”

Indeed, many of the items provide great talking points and you might be forever trying to work out how and why did that person think of creating this from that.

Paul also wants to highlight and encourage the small army of people, many of whom operate as ‘one man bands’, who make and sell their unique items themselves.

Each month we take a featured maker and focus on them to showcase their individual work, their inspiration and ideas.¹

And it¹s amazing what people re-use, in the shop we have come across better-known items such as coke cans turned into wallets and wine bottles remade as cutting boards, with more unusual waste items such as old bike tyres turned into belts and bags!

With everything sold being made from recycled or upcycled materials it truly must be one of the most eco friendly shops out there - find the shop at

Recycleopedia is always looking for more weird and wonderful products so if you create recycled products and want to showcase them in the shop, get in touch with Paul. The only stipulation to list goods on the site is that they must be mainly made from recycled or upcycled materials.


Contact: Paul Bearman,, 07801 703015

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Uniquely, users can upload new and edit current recycling locations, items and product listings, with the search facility going down to an individual 'product level' (eg. you can search for Heinz Baked Bean Tin, not just Tin)

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