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New Resource for People Trying to Beat the Smoking Ban with electronic cigarettes

Press Release   •   Sep 08, 2010 07:01 BST

A new review website ecigarettestore.co.uk is providing much needed information for those people who are considering using electronic cigarettes to beat the smoking ban. When the new law came into force in July 2007 it had the effect of convincing some people to stay at home instead of visiting their favourite locales. Many complained that they just couldn’t enjoy going out for a drink if they weren’t able to smoke in the bars and venues. This was bad news for those in the pub trade as they noticed a 7% fall in sales. Now though many of these people may be able to return to their favourite haunts with the help of the E-cigarette.

The E-Cigarette May Help People Beat the Smoking Ban

The E-Cigarette is a way to beat the smoking ban and still partake of a nicotine fix. These might look like regular cigarettes from a distance but they differ in a number of different ways. Your traditional cigarette relies on tobacco and fire to provide nicotine. This tobacco smoke contains thousands of toxic elements and it is the reason that the smoking ban was introduced in the first place. Not only is this smoke dangerous for your health but it can also cause problems for other people though second-hand smoking. This same tobacco smoke is what makes rooms where smokers stay smell so bad and even gets on their clothing to make people want to move away from them.

The ecigarettestore.co.uk provides a good explanation of how the UK Electronic Cigarette differs from the tobacco product. The great news is that it doesn’t rely on tobacco and there is no smoke for other people to inhale. The device uses water containing nicotine which is only inhaled by the person using it. This means that they are avoiding all those thousands of toxins that are associated with the regular type of cigarette. This is why so many people are now getting really excited over this product; it seems to be a lot healthier than using tobacco.

The Growing Acceptance of the E-Cigarette in Areas Where the Smoking Ban is in Place

Even though there is no reason why the device cannot be used anywhere there are still a few people who are confused about the whole thing. It is not surprising really as the device really does look like the traditional cigarette from afar. This is why the review website ecigarettestore.co.uk has provided a list of places where it is already welcome. The bars and clubs allowing these electronic cigarettes is growing by the day, and it probably only a matter of time before they are permitted universally where there is a smoking ban – there is no reason not to do so. Most pubs will be only too happy to welcome people using this device if it means a return of those people who felt driven out by the smoking ban. This is great news because it means that nobody has to feel disadvantaged because of the ban.

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