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New ‘Task Manager’ System Delivers Big Benefits To Fleet Managers

Press Release   •   Oct 29, 2010 09:44 BST

Telematics specialists iBox Technology have developed an innovative ‘Task Manager’ function that is delivering fleet managers with huge improvements in efficiency and communication.

The system, which comes as standard in each of iBox’s range of  tracking ‘Mates’ and works in conjunction with a standard Garmin Sat-Nav, allows fleet managers to remotely update their vehicles with new or amended job details.

The system is remarkably simple - and efficient. As soon as the driver receives the new or amended job details - and presses ‘accept’ on the Sat Nav - he or she is given the updated destination and route details. The fleet manager is then able to track the progress of the vehicle and the new task via the iBox ‘Timeline’ display, which as well as showing the vehicle’s location, generates an Estimated Time of Arrival that is constantly updated according to traffic conditions.

“The Task Manager system brings several benefits to the fleet manager,“ said iBox Technology director Steve Green. “First and foremost, it removes the need for the fleet manager and driver to be exchanging telephone calls, something that can be hit and miss at the best of times. The manager can amend and add to the scheduled jobs remotely, without having to speak to the driver. And they can do that at any time of the day or night,” says Green.

The system dovetails perfectly with IBox Technology’s other features, in particular its Timeline display, which shows the progress of all vehicles within the fleet on a single screen. “Thanks to the Timeline display, this system allows the manager to monitor the progress of tasks, right down to the driver’s ETA at the client. This also means that the manager can be in direct contact with the client, keeping them up to date with the driver’s progress. It brings a huge improvement in efficiency and communication and helps put the customer’s mind at ease.”

“It’s proving a real hit with our clients, especially 3PL providers,” said Green. “It’s also got significant potential benefits in sectors such as the service industry. So, for instance, a client who has requested a maintenance or service specialist can be kept up to date with precise details about their ETA.”

IBox Technology supplies a range of vehicle tracking and fleet management equipment. Its specially developed iBox ‘Mates’ allow clients to track and monitor a mass of vehicle and location data that, in turn, allows fleet managers to more efficiently and economically manage their vehicles, staff and costs.

For further information, contact Steve Green at iBox Technology on  07855 770560 or 0870 0425501 or email him at steve.green@iboxtechnology.co.uk  Alternatively, visit iBox Technology’s website at www.iboxtechnology.co.uk