New test data matching functionality in Datamaker™

Press Release   •   Apr 16, 2012 14:10 BST

The majority of automated tests fail, regardless of the tool, because of an inability to provision data in the right state, to the right place, at the right time. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the addition of powerful new test matching functionality to our flagship solution, Datamaker™.

Datamaker 3.0 offers users the ability to quickly identify and match appropriate data to user-defined test criteria, ensuring effective, rigorous automated testing. Once the user has defined the test attributes required, Datamaker™’s powerful data mining functionality quickly searches for, identifies, and collects appropriate data from multiple, disparate systems across the enterprise.

‘Data mining’ is a statistical analysis for discovering interesting patterns from databases. It allows users to extract groups of data patterns, dependencies or unusual records, which can be used to increase the strength of your testing. What makes Datamaker™ stand out from the crowd is its ability to connect to multiple, disparate system to mine data. This allows users to build an integrated view of the data as it flows through the system, and discover the data needed for rigorous testing.

Once the data has been mined, it is matched to each test, based on its defined criteria, using the intelligent, new test data matching functionality in Datamaker™. The result is that each test is assigned a unique set of data, in the perfect state to run without data errors. This matched data can be fed directly from Datamaker™ into your automated test tools, for example, QTP.

By matching the ‘right’ data to each test, you can perform higher quality, more robust tests, whilst ensuring that tests don’t fail due to data errors. More efficient, stronger test cycles help you to test more often, improving the detection of bugs and defects earlier in the development lifecycle. This can have a significant positive effect on your bottom line, reducing costs and inefficiencies.

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