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New Title By Children’s Author Refreshes Old Folklore Tales

Press Release   •   Feb 20, 2013 19:25 GMT

Louisville, Kentucky – Books, Authors, and Artists have just published Thrice Told Tales, a collection of short stories based on old myths and folk stories. This collection was written by Karl F. Hollenbach, author of Amazon bestsellers Scrooge and Marley and Five Plays From The Gospels.

Thrice Told Tales is a collection of one ADULT and seven children fables. The stories themselves are old tales from Western Europe, re-told for the occasion by Karl F. Hollenbach.

Book Publicist, Astrid Gay, questioned the author, Karl F. Hollenbach.

Ms Gay asked, “Why did you choose these tales and not others?”

Mr. Hollenbach explained, “Tales and folk stories were originally meant to teach a lesson or to pass-on a set of values. I realized a few folk stories had been shortened and sanitized to the point where many of the nuances had been lost. I wanted to re-awaken the original message. Adding a few lines of dialogue or accentuating omitted issues, emphasized the original meanings. Character dialogue brings a tale to life”

Ms Gay further inquired, “Why re-tell these rather than write original stories?”

Mr. Hollenbach elaborated, “As with so many fables and folk stories which have been told and retold, the originals are buried by a great weight of cultural transformation and language differences; so even if the original was published it would be difficult for a reader to understand the message or what the tale meant to communicate. By telling these tales a third time, I wished to bring them alive for today’s reader with all the nuances.

Thrice Told Tales (ISBN: 9781481896535) is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace. To learn more about the author, Karl F. Hollenbach, visit the Books, Authors, and Artists website to access his biography and media kit .

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