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NEW Top Earner Of Carbon Copy PRO Shaqir Hussyin Is Announced To Train Their Thousands of Internet Marketers

Press Release   •   Feb 09, 2011 10:48 GMT

Carbon Copy Pro, which is known as the worlds premium internet marketing community, is a internet marketing training platform that educates people to increase their revenue and teaches them how to market anything to anyone anywhere in the world. Though the system itself is very powerful to deliver the agreed results to anybody, experts recommend that various marketing plans and unique strategies are necessary for this business. Shaqir Hussyin, one of the most successful people in internet marketing makes an announcement about the carbon copy pro training program which will teach the different strategies he applied with the system to become the top of his field in less than 9 months, raking in over $300,000 in his first year of business, speaking on seminars with the leading internet marketing leaders.

Shaqir Hussyin has trained over 10,000+ entrepreneurs to prosper online in this soul crushing recession,by providing them with intense coaching and mentorship and for 2011, he is takin on his vision to develop 97 serious entrepreneurs to the $10k per month level with his partner Michael Force. The main variable which makes carbon copy pro with different from other businesses is the number of satisfied customers and business partners. In specific terms: CarbonCopyPRO has eliminated the biggest online learning curves that totally murder a newbies dream of making it big online. They have grown in over 210+ countries in less than three years.

Shaqir Hussyin points out that the carbon carbon copy pro blackbox allows him and fellow users to access a huge and growing market of more than a billion Internet users, which guarantees success, especially as the Carbon Copy Pro system provides clear, detailed and easy to understand training and support. The new internet marketing training program will be delivered to a selected group of 97 entrepreneurs from those who apply. More details and application procedures can be found at his website

Usually $39 for a limited time people can apply free via and let Shaqir Hussyin & Michael Force take the customer by the hand to guide to a journey of growth, empowerment, leadership and TRUE online success.

About Shaqir Hussyin

Shaqir Hussyin is an award winning internet marketing expert, trainer and speaker. He is recognized amongst the top marketers by winning a prestigious challenge that sets him apart as one of the highest volume and quality producers who rely on the power of the CCPRO system to build and grow their futures online. Shaqir confirms that he would be giving training only for those people who take the internet marketing strategies very seriously. Shaqir Hussyin will reveal his mastery of the Carbon Copy Pro online education, training and marketing system with the training program. Detailed information on Shaqir Hussyin and carbon copy pro system can be found at his blog. Interested candidates can read more information on this and apply at the website

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