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New trend - Cancer patients to Caribbean for treatment

Press Release   •   Oct 06, 2016 12:00 BST

Cancer Management bringing cancer patients from Europe to Caribbean

Cancer Management saw the need for better and more effective cancer treatments. Especially treatments that does not harm the patients, and are without side effects. We found a clinic in Caribbean, Hope4Cancer, controlled by Dr. Jimenez who have more than 20 years experience with cancer patients. He is a world leading expert in his field. We travelled to Dr. Jimenez clinic in Cancun, and what we experienced was really impressing.

All the cancer patients and doctors was smiling

When we visited the clinic, we could not believe our eyes. Both patients and doctors smiled and laughed. Even though it was in a cancer clinic. People was not depressed, no pain, and nobody talked about diseases. Only focusing on the recovery, and the great activities like swimming with dolphins, turtles and amazing fishing trips they had been on.

No place on earth could be better for patients than this. We started right away creating this summer so people with cancer, all around the world, should know about this option.

People are smarter and more conscious in their choices today!

The trend is Vegan Food, Electric Cars, Wind and Solar Energy, and now there is a new trend in Healthcare, NON-TOXIC cancer treatments in Caribbean.

People are smarter and more conscious in their choices today. This reflects in all fields, also Healthcare.

What is the benefits with cancer treatment in Caribbean?

In our need for better solutions, healthier life, and demand for higher standard, we see more and more people from Europe travelling abroad for their treatments.

With Non-Toxic cancer treatments we see the benefits for patients are amazing:

  • No pain
  • No hair loss
  • No side effects
  • Patients have energy and can go for a swim after treatment
  • With breast cancer, it is not necessary to remove their breasts
  • The cost can be less than 1/6 compared to hospitals in UK and USA
  • More than 50 % higher chance of survival than hospitals in UK and USA

Cancer patients don`t know about their options - Some doctors don`t tell the patient

Healthcare providers don’t talk to patients about their preferences. And patients and their families don’t know their options and avoid asking about them. (This can sometimes cost the life of a loved one)

For patients looking for cancer treatments, it is important to use non-toxic treatments that has shown it can significantly improve patient health and quality of life. Otherwise they continue to get aggressive cancer treatment, that often can lead to unnecessary suffering, unnecessary removal of breasts and sometimes death.

New Era that gives HOPE instead of bad News to cancer patients

New Era flips the power structure of the patient-doctor relationship. It gives HOPE instead of bad news. The purpose of our work is to ensure that patients have clear information about their medical options, and saving lives.

Cancer Management updates you with News and Technology in cancer treatments. Always with focus on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.

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Exclusivity is the best description of cancer therapies delivered via Cancer Management's system.

Cancer Management have a limit of 10 cancer patients a month. Every single patient is being followed up personally and carefully no matter if the patient lives in Europe or USA. 

Our services give patients a VIP experience with focus on trust, efficiency, safety and non-toxic treatments. This creates far better results, and gives patients a process with no pain and no side effects. 12 months follow up. 

Cancer Management works with insurance companies, hospitals and private patients.

We use Hope4Cancer organisation, and their clinic in Caribbean for cancer treatments!

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