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Ninjja Global explore how failure can be used to accelerate business  

Press Release   •   Jan 31, 2018 13:11 GMT

Ninjja Global is the outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Miami that has a strong focus on the development of their professionals, the company has redefined the sector within the state, and this is placed in part due to the firm’s keen sense of optimism and positive mindset.

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Ninjja Global actively encourages their aspiring entrepreneurs to contribute to positive company culture, an environment designed to build one another up, promote engagement and peer support. As such, in the latest of positivity-based lessons, the company has detailed the importance of looking toward failure as a unique opportunity.

Education: Ninjja Global detail how above everything else , failure presents itself as an opportunity to learn and grow. Failure teaches an individual that their method was unsuccessful, and therefore must be adapted and modified until it proves successful. This can help an individual to learn the needs and individual techniques that can appeal to varying audiences, helping to make attempts in the future overall, more successful.

Innovation: Failure can present itself as an opportunity for innovation, an aspect every individual should consider within the sales and marketing sector states Ninjja Global. The development of ideas can accelerate not only a company but also the individual concerning skill set and personal confidence. Innovation paves the way for the next generation of leaders and brand ambassadors.

Honesty: The firm detail the importance of honesty, primarily with oneself. Failure presents the ability for an individual to recognize when something isn’t working, whether this with a client, a peer or themselves. The ability to identify this paves the way for better communication, business relationships and ultimately success.

Time and energy: Ninjja Global have explored the concept of recognizing failure, the ability to accept when something is fundamentally not working and will not without change. Identifying the time to stop with a particular plan that is proving nothing but failure will, ultimately, help save time. This time can then be better spent on development of a project or campaign that will work. Recognizing when to shift focus from a failing plan to one that has further potential for all involved is a crucial aspect that can be learnt from failure states Ninjja Global.

Ninjja Global understand that failure is unavoidable, particularly within such an adapting industry as sales and marketing. It is for this fact why the firm is encouraging their professionals to look toward this as a valuable lesson, and all aspects that can be developed from failure, whether this is individual or as a group. Ninjja Global is excited for the remainder of 2018, to accelerate the business and what lessons can be learnt.



Managing Director

Simone Suestugu